American Lung Association Praises EPA’s Move to Vacate Dangerous ‘Censoring Science’ Rule

In response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) release of the “The Strengthening Transparency in Pivotal Science Underlying Significant Regulatory Actions and Influential Scientific Information; Vacatur Rule,” which will vacate the previous Administration’s rule that would limit the science the agency can use, Harold Wimmer, President and CEO of the American Lung Association, issued the following statement:

“EPA’s move to vacate the ‘Censoring Science’ rule is good news for public health. The ‘Censoring Science’ rule threatened the integrity and use of the best science, and consequently threatens health and lives. Under the misleading veil of ‘transparency,’ this rule would have excluded the full consideration of scientific information that EPA uses in its policy decisions.

“EPA’s final action today is critical for the agency upholding the best and latest science and adequately protecting public health from harmful pollution. Thousands of lives are saved each year because EPA has been able to use the best science to set air pollution standards. “The American Lung Association applauds EPA’s action and will continue to call on the agency to use sound science to set lifesaving pollution limits, including stronger health-based standards for particulate matter and ozone.”

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