American Lung Association Response to Governor Newsom’s 2021 Budget Proposal to Accelerate Zero-Emission Vehicle Technologies

Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom released his proposed state budget for 2021-22, which includes a $1.5 billion package to accelerate the clean air and public health benefits of zero-emission vehicle technologies, below are comments on the proposal by the American Lung Association:

“In the face of California’s air pollution and climate crises, Governor Newsom’s budget proposal today represents an important foothold in pursuit of cleaner, healthier air for all Californians,” said Will Barrett, Director of Clean Air Advocacy for the American Lung Association. “Given the outsized role that transportation pollution plays in the convergent health threats and disparities related to air pollution and climate change, we are encouraged by the Governor’s emphasis on heavy-duty zero emission technologies and advancing more equitable access to the benefits of zero-emission technologies. We look forward to working with the Newsom Administration and the California State Legislature to reduce the burdens of transportation pollution through zero-emission technologies, more sustainable community development and healthier transportation options for all.”  

As noted in a December letter to the Governor, the American Lung Association views zero-emission transportation strategies as a critical pathway to achieving clean, healthy air for all Californians. According to the Lung Association’s “Road to Clean Air” report, a widespread transition to zero emission transportation would yield significant public health benefits in California, including $22 billion in annual health benefits, preventing over 26,000 asthma attacks and avoiding 1,900 premature deaths annually.

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