Life-Saving Lung Health Provisions in American Rescue Plan Signed into Law

In response to President Joe Biden’s signing of the American Rescue Plan, including critical measures for lung health into law, American Lung Association President and CEO Harold Wimmer issued the following statement:

“The American Rescue Plan is a victory for lung health, and we applaud President Biden signing it into law. We celebrate the many lung health provisions that are now the law of the land and can promote public health, health equity and an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new law includes:

  • Additional investment in COVID-19 vaccine education, coverage, production and distribution; 
  • Funding for state and local governments to ensure there is adequate public health infrastructure to respond to the pandemic; 
  • Incentives for the expansion of the Medicaid program in the remaining states that have yet to expand, thereby increasing access to quality healthcare for millions of people;
  • Two-year expansion of premium subsidies to improve the affordability of healthcare;
  • Funding to address health outcome disparities from air pollution and the pandemic, such as monitoring air pollution and promoting environmental justice; and
  • Extension of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to include many mid-sized nonprofits that have previously not been eligible. 

“Now that immediate relief from the COVID-19 pandemic is law, we look forward to working with Congress and the Biden Administration to ensure the development and passage of a robust, long-term COVID recovery package that protects lung health now and into the future.”

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, | May 02, 2022
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