Lung Association Urges Legislators Not to Weaken Alabama Public Health Infrastructure

Today, the American Lung Association in Alabama issued the following statement regarding proposed legislation that would threaten the authority of public health agencies in Alabama. 

“The American Lung Association is a science-based organization that represents more than 780,000 people who live with lung disease in the state of Alabama. As one of the oldest patient health advocate organizations in the U.S., we know that public health organizations must have full authority to serve in the best interest of the citizens. 

“We have battled COVID-19 for a year now in the U.S. While we see hope on the horizon with new vaccines available, this pandemic is far from over. Public health agencies have been critical and remain the primary source of the latest information, evidence-based guidelines and contact tracing to help slow the spread of the disease. Public health departments are integral to mitigating the spread of infection but must have the proper authority to do their job. 

“COVID-19 isn’t the first pandemic we will face, and it won’t be the last. This global health crisis has really underscored the critical need for public health departments, and we need them now more than ever. 

“Today, the Lung Association, along with 18 other health organizations in Alabama, delivered a letter to legislators calling on them to stand up against any attempts to weaken the authority of the Alabama Department of Public Health and county health departments, including our independent health departments of Jefferson County Department of Health and the Mobile County Health Department.”

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