Honolulu Resident Advocates on Capitol Hill to Defeat Lung Cancer

Honolulu’s Valerie Davison is heading to Washington, D.C. virtually to fight for the health of all the people of Hawaii against lung cancer, the number one cancer killer in the state.

Davison’s sister, Eleanor Grace, died of lung cancer in 2015, prompting Davison to become an advocate for the cause. In 2018, Davison joined the Leadership Board of the American Lung Association in Hawaii. 

“Shortly after Eleanor’s death, I learned that less than 4% of high-risk people in Hawaii are actually screened for lung cancer,” said Davison. “This is shocking considering that Hawaii is the 3rd healthiest state in the union, yet our lung cancer survival rate is less than 19%.”

After experiencing the pain of losing her sister to lung cancer, Davison is on her own path to make sure others have better chances of survival. She’s now determined to fight for increased funding for research into lung health, which is why she’s joining the American Lung Association to meet with Hawaii’s congressional delegation virtually in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, March 17. Davison is designated a LUNG FORCE Hero from Hawaii, individuals who help inspire, encourage, and empower others to raise their voices about the importance of lung health awareness and funding. 

“I knew I couldn’t just sit on the sidelines. I had to do something to help change these dismal facts and statistics,” Davison said. “We have to turn the tide on this horrible disease and get more money for research.”

In addition to her work on Capitol Hill, Davison was instrumental in the Lung Association’s I Wear Turquoise campaign, helping to raise over $8,000 for local lung research, programs, and advocacy from friends, family, and her employer. Davison is the Workplace Wellness Manager for UHA Health Insurance. 

As an advocate, she’ll urge members of Congress to continue to invest in biomedical research at the National Institutes of Health so there can be better early detection, treatments, and cures for lung cancer. She’ll also ask Congress to act to protect affordable, adequate, and accessible healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions like lung cancer.

To learn more about the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE movement and its work to defeat lung cancer, please visit LUNGFORCE.org.

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