Sarasota Memorial Turns Turquoise to End Lung Cancer; Local Woman Shares Personal Story

Turquoise Takeover strives to provide hope to those facing lung cancer, fund life-saving research

Next week, May 9 – May 15, Sarasota Memorial Hospital will turn turquoise to raise awareness for lung cancer as a part of the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE Turquoise Takeover. 

The LUNG FORCE initiative’s annual Turquoise Takeover unites men and women to raise critical awareness of lung cancer, the nation’s #1 cancer killer. Residents are encouraged to get involved by wearing turquoise and posting to social media. 

For Sarasota resident and Lung Association volunteer Beth Stone, Turquoise Takeover is personal. Her brother, Paul, passed away from lung cancer on December 7, 2012. 

“I do this to honor his memory and to be a driving force to help save lives for all forms of lung disease. Paul was a fun-loving person who worked hard, enjoyed life, and lived a full life. But it was cut short, and we miss the good times we could have had with him over the past eight years,” said Stone. “My mother also passed away from lung cancer 17 years ago and I miss her very much, as well.”

Every year, LUNG FORCE celebrates Turquoise Takeover by turning landmarks and buildings across our nation turquoise - LUNG FORCE’s signature color - to increase education and provide hope for those living with lung cancer. Sarasota Memorial Hospital will change their digital monument sign turquoise and post a message to raise awareness of lung cancer and promote lung cancer screening. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stark reminder of the importance of lung health, especially for those with lung diseases. For many with lung cancer, the burden has become more acute, with the pandemic adding more challenges, such as increased risk of complications from COVID-19 and changes or delays in treatment,” said Janelle Hom, executive director of the Lung Association. “The pandemic also temporarily delayed access to lung cancer screening for many people at high risk. Among diverse communities who have been hardest hit by COVID-19, these difficulties may be even worse. For these reasons and many more, raising awareness and funds for lung health are more important than ever. We encourage our community to get involved in one of our many Turquoise Takeover activities this week.”

On May 11, the Lung Association is also hosting a free Lung Cancer Patient Virtual Meetup for patients and caregivers. The program is designed for lung cancer patients and caregivers to learn more about the latest trends, resources and research surrounding lung cancer. Those interested can register at

Those who want to help raise funds and defeat lung cancer can visit to learn how to get involved.

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