Arkansas COPD Conference Goes Virtual to Educate Healthcare Professionals on the Latest Lung Disease Guidelines, Best Practices & Prevention

Today, the American Lung Association announced that the Arkansas COPD Conference is set for April 20. The free virtual event is a continuing education conference for nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and social workers that focuses on COPD guidelines, best practices and prevention care. 

The 2021 COPD Conference will review the GOLD (Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) Guidelines enabling health professionals to apply assessment and management strategies that incorporate the latest evidence to guide development of individualized management plans, including medications for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The conference will also outline the importance of COPD management amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, vaccinations, the evolving therapies, and the best practices for transitioning from inpatient to outpatient while reducing readmission risks.

This year’s conference will include the following sessions: 

  • Golden Care/Medications for COPD – Tania Butts, RRT
  • Non-pharmacologic Therapy of COPD – Richard ZuWallack, M.D.
  • Prevention care: vaccinations, COVID-19, and evolving therapies – Appathurai Balamurugan, M.D., DrPH

Registration is free and continuing education credits are available for nurses and respiratory therapists. More information and registration are available on the Arkansas COPD Conference website. For more information, contact Jocelyn Lowery at [email protected].

For more information, contact:

Jill Dale
[email protected]

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