Questions to Ask Your Doctor About NTM Lung Disease

Whether you are trying to find a diagnosis of your symptoms or have questions about the management of your NTM lung disease, making notes before your visit, as well as taking along a trusted family member or friend, can help you through an appointment with your doctor.

  • Do you think my recurring symptoms could be caused by NTM?
  • What tests would I need to get a diagnosis?
  • Should I see a lung specialist (pulmonologist) or infectious disease specialist? Can you make a referral?
  • Which species of NTM is causing my infection?
  • What will happen if I am not treated for the infection?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • What are the potential side effects of treatment? How will you track my progress?
  • What lifestyle changes should I be making to improve my overall health?
  • What should I be doing to limit my exposure to NTM bacteria?

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Page last updated: October 21, 2020

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