Lung Cancer Tumor Testing: Setting the Stage

Justin F. Gainor, M.D., shares which lung cancer mutations have approved targeted therapies in this clip from our expert panel discussion on lung cancer tumor testing.

Setting the stage to talk about lung cancer tumor testing

What we’re gonna talk about today in terms of tumor testing is the next level, and that is trying to understand some of the things we can’t always see, and that is the genes within those tumors and whether there are genetic changes, and we call those mutations. So, genes and DNA are the building blocks of life, and we know that in the field of lung cancer, it’s not just one disease. There are actually hundreds of different types of lung cancers and these are defined by different genetic changes. And this has bearing on how we treat lung cancer. We know that certain genetic changes allow us to use more targeted medicines that can have profound impact on a patient’s clinical course.

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Page last updated: September 13, 2021

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