Mitchell Glass, M.D.

Mitchell Glass, M.D.

Dr. Mitchell Glass is a 30-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. His experience is broad, ranging from senior positions in top ten pharmaceutical companies, to investment in and management of start-ups and biotechs. His teams have ranged from 2 to 55 persons and budgets from <$150k to >$150M. After seven years of research, teaching and patient care at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Glass joined ICI Pharmaceuticals in 1988 where he established the pulmonary therapeutics group and led the development and submission of the antileukotriene ACCOLATE®. From 1995-6, Dr. Glass was Vice President and Director at SmithKline Beecham where he was responsible for cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and metabolic drug development and commercialization, including submission of the NDA/MAA for COREG®. From 1998 to 2003, Dr. Glass was Chief Medical Officer and VP of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs of AtheroGenics, Inc. (AGIX), where he led product development from IND to initiation of Phase 3 for AGI 1067 and was a member of the IPO team.

Dr. Glass was Chief Scientific Officer at the University City Science Center (Philadelphia, PA) where he advised 54 client companies on strategy for developing and commercializing devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics.  Dr. Glass was the principal liaison to academic stakeholders of the Science Center, and a member of the Keystone Innovation Zone Executive Committee.

Since 1999, Dr. Glass has been a principal of Broom Street Associates, which offers a full range of regulatory services to pharma, specialty pharma, biotechnology and device companies.  Areas of focus have included narrative and document writing, medical product risk assessment and reduction, IND and End of Phase 2 presentations.

From 2012 to 2019, Dr. Glass has been Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Invion Limited (ASX:IVX), with offices in Australia, and Delaware. In February, Dr. Glass spun out the respiratory assets of Invion into Chronic Airway Therapeutics. For the past year, Dr. Glass has been the Chief Medical officer of Tikkun Olam Pharmaceuticals, targeting FDA-regulated development and approval of marijuana strains under strict FDA regulations.

In 2014, Dr. Glass and colleagues formed Accolade LLC to exploit non-oral formulations of Zafirlukast.

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