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Pulmonary Fibrosis Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals

If you work with pulmonary fibrosis patients, it is important to stay up-to-date on pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis and care. Earn continuing education credits through our online course.

Current Evidence-based Management of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Collaborating to Improve Patient Care

The course includes four modules focusing on topics like pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis, management, shared decision-making and therapeutic options:

  • Module 1: Making the Diagnosis Early in Disease Course
    • Descriptor: Integrating evidence regarding the clinical benefits of early IPF diagnosis methods into daily practice
    • Learning Objective: Integrate evidence regarding the clinical benefits of early diagnosis and optimal diagnostic methods into daily practice of patients with IPF
    • Speaker: Leann L. Silhan, M.D.
  • Module 2: Barriers to Early IPF Diagnosis
    • Descriptor: Identifying barrier and implementing mitigation strategies
    • Learning Objective: Identify barriers to early diagnosis of IPF and implement strategies for mitigation
    • Speaker: Steven D. Nathan, M.D., FCCP
  • Module 3: Multidisciplinary Management and Shared Decision-making IPF Care
    • Descriptor: Implementing a Multidisciplinary Patient-centered Approach to IPF Management
    • Learning Objective: Implement multidisciplinary care team approaches in IPF management, including strategies for referral, care coordination, and shared decision-making through provider-patient communication
    • Speaker: Leann L. Silhan, M.D.
  • Module 4: Therapeutic Options for Individual IPF Management
    • Descriptor: Integrating evidence regarding safety, efficacy and utility of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic IPF therapies
    • Learning Objective: Integrate current evidence regarding the safety, efficacy, and utility of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies for IPF
    • Speaker: Steven D. Nathan, M.D., FCCP

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Jointly provided by the Potomac Center for Medical Education, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and Rockpointe.

In collaboration with The American Lung Association.

This educational program was developed with support from Three Lakes Partners.

    Page Last Updated: March 21, 2018

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