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In August, I will go for my annual lung scan. If news is good I will be an 8 year lung cancer survivor! I am one of the many non-smoking women that is diagnosed with this deadly cancer every year. Eight years ago I was very uncertain of my future. Well, these years have been filled with living.

I have: Met my BFF and fellow survivor Barbara, Started lung cancer walk and raised over 100k, Watched youngest graduate from high school, and attend Penn State, Got closer to my beautiful friend and the epitome of strength and courage Ana, Became a grandma to an exquisite baby boy, Watched my amazing daughter blossom in to an independent, strong women, Got Lucky and work for a great company - they have supported my cause for years and Endured the pain of losing my mother and younger sister within 2 week period.

8 years ago I made a promise to many people diagnosed with this horrific disease that I would be their voice despite the smoking stigma and ignorance regarding lung cancer. I continue my fight but it is not easy. I hate asking for help and especially money but I made a promise to so many beautiful souls and I aim to keep it. Please help us fight the stigma.

First Published: 4/21/2016 10:11:00 AM

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