Help our next generation be tobacco-free! By working with your child's school you can help ensure that students, faculty and visitors are protected from secondhand smoke. Studies have shown that tobacco-free spaces are proven ways to encourage our kids to never start smoking. Here are tips to help your school become smokefree indoors and throughout campus.

Tips for Parents & Families

The American Lung Association has broken down how to help your school go completely tobacco-free – indoors and outside – in just a few simple steps. Download our toolkit to start the conversation with your school administration. In addition, you can learn more about how to help your family go tobacco-free, and how to talk to your teens about smoking – including e-cigarettes.

Resources for School Administrators, Nurses & Faculty

Do you work at a school that is in need of a comprehensive smokefree school policy? We have a template policy to help your school go completely tobacco-free along with template announcements for students, parents and staff. Access our free school templates, which include a Tobacco-Free School Campus Policy and materials to announce the change in policy:

Let us know when you go tobacco-free! Post a photo of your smokefree school sign with #BeTheFirst

Tobacco-Free School Materials

Is your school already tobacco-free – both for indoor and outdoor spaces, including playgrounds and sports fields? We have smokefree signage and web banner to show off your school's healthy choice.

Page last updated: February 7, 2020

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