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Outdoor air pollution threatens the lives and health of millions of people in the United States. Exhaust from motor vehicles is a large source of pollutants that harm health, including particle pollution or PM2.5 and nitrogen oxides that form with volatile organic compounds to form ground level ozone or smog.

Listen to American Lung Association volunteer, Gerald Davis, MD, to learn more about the dangers of vehicle exhaust. 

The American Lung Association of the Northeast has advocated for state laws to eliminate unnecessary idling of cars, trucks and buses, especially school buses.  Read about state laws in the Northeast and across the country.

Take 3 simple steps to reduce unnecessary idling:

  • Turn off your engine – No matter where you are – picking up your child from school or an item from the store – turn off you engine when you are stopped for more than 10 seconds.
  • Reduce warm-up idling – Begin driving to warm up your car. Excessive idling will harm your engine.
  • Spread the word – Tell your family, friends and neighbors about the benefits of reduced idling. Encourage them to help protect our children's health, save money and protect the environment by turning off their vehicles.  See  sample signs (Sign1Sign2) to help spread the word!

Resource Links:

Environmental Protection Agency Region 1:

Environmental Protection Agency's Clean School Bus Campaign:

Northeast Diesel Collaborative:

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation:

Idle-Free VT:

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