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The Oregon Thoracic Society (OTS) is the medical advisory section of the American Lung Association in Oregon and is dedicated to assisting in program development and delivery, fundraising, and public education for patients with respiratory diseases. OTS is a recognized chapter of the American Thoracic Society.

Thoracic Society Objectives:

  • Promote collegial interaction among clinicians, other health care providers, and basic scientists concerned with respiratory diseases and critical care medicine.
  • Provide clinicians and other health care providers with current information--including the best current opinions--on the detection, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of respiratory diseases and on current practices of critical care medicine.
  • Promote through grants and publications scholarly investigation into clinical, pathological, epidemiological, and basic science research covering the entire field of respiratory diseases.
  • Hold an annual scientific meeting and sponsor other continuing educational activities to promote postgraduate education in respiratory diseases and critical care.
  • Advise the American Lung Association in Oregon on medical and scientific aspects of its program. Also, to support the Lung Association in their efforts to promote community health.
  • Promulgate practice standards and outcome measures for clinical care of respiratory and critical illnesses.
  • Assist state and county health programs to control and eradicate health problems related to respiratory disease, such as tuberculosis, environmental air pollution, and smoking.

2020-2022 OTS Executive Committee

The OTS is the Medical Section of the American Lung Association in Oregon. It is administered by a Steering Committee, which consists of officers, the ATS Representative Councilor, the immediate Past-President, the chairmen of any standing committees, and the President-Elect. OTS is represented on various committees of the American Lung Association in Oregon with the President serving on its Local Leadership Board.


Holly Vanni, MD


Karen Wesenberg, MD


Ethan Corcoran, MD

Past President

Erika Moseson, MD

Conference Chair

David Hotchkin, MD

American Lung Association Liaison

Tiffany Belser
Manager | Health Promotions - Oregon

Please let us know any Questions about the Oregon Thoracic Society.

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