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You can quit smoking. We can help.

There are now more former smokers in the U.S. than current smokers—and you could be one of them! One of the most effective quit smoking programs in the country, Freedom From Smoking® has an online quit smoking experience called Freedom From Smoking® Plus. The interactive program allows you to create a unique quit smoking plan on your computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition to tremendous health benefits, quitting smoking also has financial benefits; not buying cigarettes saves over $2,000 a year on average.

With videos, quizzes and activities, Freedom From Smoking® Plus helps you quit smoking with a step-by-step guide that includes:

  • Knowing you are ready to quit
  • Setting a quit date and making a plan
  • Medications that can increase your success
  • Lifestyle changes to help you quit
  • Coping strategies for managing stress
  • How to stay smokefree for good

Free for Ohio Residents

From now until June 30, 2021, Ohio residents can access Freedom From Smoking Plus at no cost—a $99.95 value per person! Here's how:

  1. Visit bit.ly/FFSCVSHealth
  2. Complete the Registration Form, and create a login and password
  3. Click “Start”
  4. Go through the program at your own pace, making sure to take your time going through all the steps to quit smoking for good.
  5. Continue to access the program at FreedomFromSmoking.org/dashboard with your login and password for a full year to maintain your new smokefree life!

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If you'd like to speak to someone about our quit smoking program, please submit a question to our Lung HelpLine and a lung health expert will be in touch to help. 

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