MPS - Massachusetts Pulmonary Section of the American Lung Association of the Northeast's Medical & Scientific Branch (formerly Massachusetts Thoracic Society)

Only our name has changed! The Massachuetts Thoracic Society was founded in 1945, and since then we have been working hard to represent the pulmonary medicine community in Massachusetts. Now with a brand new name, "Massachusetts Pulmonary Section," our focus on pulmonary and critical care medicine, sleep and respiratory therapy is as strong as ever.

Membership includes physicians and surgeons, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, researchers and others with a common interest of preventing and fighting lung disease.

The goals of the MPS are to promote and improve the respiratory health of residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

MPS Annual Meeting

The Massachusetts Pulmonary Section Annual meeting is a daylong continuing medical education conference that brings together pulmonary physicians, nurses, respiratory therapist, and others healthcare professionals interested in the care of patients with lung disease and critical care medicine.
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MPS shall be dedicated to the highest professional and scientific standards and shall have two major purposes:

  • To act as a scientific organization for health care professionals interested in respiratory disease. The MPS shall promote the study, prevention, understanding, and management of respiratory disease through education programs, support of scientific research and other appropriate activities.
  • To act in a medical advisory capacity to the American Lung Association in Massachusetts.

The Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Pulmonary Section is held each April for all health care professionals interested in respiratory disease and critical care medicine.

By registering for the Annual Meeting your Massachusetts Pulmonary Section membership is also renewed. If you have not attended the most recent annual meeting but would like to join the MPS in order to be a part of this prestigious community of health professionals, and to receive news, updates and resources, you are encouraged to complete the online membership form.  There is currently no separate fee to join the Massachusetts Pulmonary Section of the Medical & Scientific Branch.

The Pulmonary Section Council is composed of MPS members including the following officers:

  • Martin Joyce-Brady, MD
    Boston University School of Medicine (President)
  • Timothy Wu, MD
    Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (Vice-President)

Page last updated: March 17, 2021

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