Northeast Medical & Scientific Branch - The Henry D. Chadwick Medal

The Henry D. Chadwick Medal is the highest honor awarded by the Massachusetts Pulmonary Section (formerly Massachusetts Thoracic Society) of the American Lung Association of the Northeast’s Medical & Scientific Branch for meritorious contributions in the study and treatment of tuberculosis and other thoracic diseases.  The sole criteria for nominees is that they should be outstanding in some field of pulmonary disease.  The candidates do not necessarily have to be physicians, but their major professional activities, whether of local or international acclaim, should have been in Massachusetts.

The first Chadwick medal was given to Doctor Chadwick in 1964, when he was 90 years old.  Doctor Chadwick had always wanted to be a physician, but first worked in pharmacies while being tutored in order to enter medical school.  He entered Harvard Medical School in 1891 and graduated cum laude.  His major work focused on diagnosis and classification of juvenile tuberculosis.

Doctor Chadwick practiced medicine for 16 years and then he became ill with TB and spent some time at the Trudeau Hospital in Saranac Lake.  Upon his return he became more active in public health by becoming a member of the Waltham Board of Health and being on the Board of the Channing Home for TB.  He also lectured at Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health.

Doctor Chadwick was president of three local TB Associations in Massachusetts and of two state TB Associations – Massachusetts TB and Michigan.  He became President Emeritus of the Massachusetts TB and Health League in 1945.

Doctor Chadwick’s belief that the use of the TB skin test was the most practical way of detecting tuberculosis is still in practice today.  His work in the study and treatment of tuberculosis has done much to help us with the eradication of TB.

Massachusetts Pulmonary Section Chadwick Medal Recipients 1964-2015


Dennis J. Beer, MD

Intensivist, Pulmonary Diagnostician, Educator


Jeffrey S. Berman, MD

Pulmonologist, Educator and Mentor


David J. Sugarbaker, MD

Thoracic Surgeon, Mesothelioma Expert


Sue C. Etkind, RN, MS

Nurse, Public Health Professional, TB Control Expert


Dean R. Hess, PhD, RRT

Respiratory Therapist, Teacher, Mentor 


Ronald C. Silvestri, M.D.

Clinician, teacher, role model for pulmonary trainees


Raymond L.H. Murphy, Jr., M.D.  

Clinician, Professor, Research in lung sounds, Co-founder International Lung Sounds Association 


David Michael Center  

Clinician, Teacher, Research in Pulmonary Immunology 


Richard S. Irwin, MD

Clinician, Teacher, Researcher - Etiology and Management of Cough


Edward A. Nardell, MD

Clinician, Teacher, Expert in TB Control


John Bernardo, MD

Clinician, Researcher, Expert in TB Management, Including the Homeless Population


Nicholas S. Hill, MD

Scientist, Teacher, Researcher - Pulmonary Vascular Biology, Clinical Pulmonary Hypertension, and Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation


Jeffrey J. Fredberg, PhD

Teacher, Researcher - Airway Biology/ Physiology, Asthma


Bartolome R. Celli, MD

Clinician, Teacher, Researcher, Physiologist, Pulmonary Rehab Specialist


John F. Beamis, Jr., MD

Interventional Pulmonologist, Clinician, Teacher


Melvin W. First, Sc.D

Teacher, Researcher: Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene and Therapy


Barry L. Fanburg, MD

Teacher, Reseacher, Clinician; Sarcoidosis; Diagnosis and Therapy


Jeffrey M. Drazen, MD

Clinician, Scientist, teacher; asthma genetics; treatment, physiology


L. Jack Faling, MD

Clinician, Teacher, Administrator, Mentor and role model


Frank E. Speizer, MD

Authority on the epidemiology of asthma and COPD: Researcher, Trainer


Hermes C. Grillo, MD

Thoracic surgeon; new procedures for tracheal resection and reconstruction surgery, teacher and clinician


Mary Ellen Wohl, MD

Pediatric Pulmonologist, physiology researcher in lung development, new therapies for cystic fibrosis, teacher and administrator


Blake Cady, MD

Anti-smoking Activist; Researcher & Surgeon In oncology


Jerome S. Brody, MD

Clinician-scientist in pulmonology; researcher in lung development and cell differentiation


Joseph D. Brain, Sc.D

Teacher, researcher in pulmonary physiology and lung cell biology


Dwight E. Harkin, MD

Cardiac & Thoracic Surgeon; TB Treatment Anti-Smoking Activist


Earle B. Weiss, MD

Administrator, Teacher; Scientist Clinical & Laboratory


Denise J. Strieder, MD

Pediatric Pulmonary Clinician; Researcher & Teacher


Homayoun Kazemi, MD

Physiology Reseacher: Control of Breathing Pulmonary Clinician & Teacher


Gustave A. Laurenzi, MD

Pulmonary Internist; Teacher & Raconteur


Richard H. Overholt, MD

Thoracic Surgeon; Pioneer Crusader against cigarette smoking


Henning Pontoppidan, MD

Anesthesiologist; Pioneer in Respiratory Therapy and Chest Physical Therapy


Howard G. Turner, Jr., MD

Tuberculosis Specialist, Teacher


Lynne Reid, MD

Pathologist, Researcher: Bronchitis, Emphysema, and Pulmonary Hypertension


Mary K. Steinkrauss, RN

Massachusetts TB Program, Nurse Specialist (posthumously)


Joan M. Tourigney, RN, RRT

Respiratory Therapist, Nurse Specialist (posthumously)


Mary Ellen Avery, MD

Pediatric Intensivist, Researcher, Teacher & Administrator


Gordon L. Snider, MD

Pulmonary Clinician, Teacher & Researcher: Respiratory Therapy, Emphysema


James L. Whittenberger, MD

Physiology Professor: Mechanics, Air Pollution


Harriet L. Hardy, MD

Occupational Disease Reseacher: berylliosis, "Black Lung"


John H. Emerson, MD

Inventor: Iron Lung, 02 Tent, IPPB


Harry Shwachman, MD

Pediatrics Professor, Cystic Fibrosis Pioneer


Donald A. Martin, MD

Phthisiotherapist & Sanatorium Administrator


Jeremiah Mead, MD

Phthisiotherapist & Sanatorium Administrator


John W. Strieder, MD

Thoracic Surgeon, Teacher


Theodore L. Badger, MD

Internist, Pulmonlogist, Tuberculosis Therapy, Teacher


Edward Welch, MD

Internist, Pulmonologist


Edward Gaensler, MD

Thoracic Surgeon, Physiologist Researcher Interstitial Lung Disease, Asbestosis


Paul DeFault, MD

Phthisiotherapeutist & Sanatorium Administrator


Cleaveland Floyd, MD

Phthisiologist: Therapeutic Pneumothorax


Henry D. Chadwick, MD

Tuberculosis Specialist, Sanatorium Administrator, and Health Commissioner

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