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The American Lung Association LUNG FORCE Heroes are lung cancer survivors, caretakers and anyone who is impacted by the number one cancer killer in the U.S.

Our LUNG FORCE Heroes share their stories to inspire, but are also active in fundraising for lifesaving research, supporting those impacted by lung disease and even traveling to Washington D.C. to help advocate for clean air.

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Amy Lutz

Amy Lutz's family has been devastated by lung cancer and now she fights as a LUNG FORCE Hero to raise money for research to find more treatment options and a cure.

Amy's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer first, after getting a routine chest x-ray. The news was devastating to their family, but her mother was brave. There weren't any good options, so she chose to let the disease take its course. She wanted to live out the time she had left at home with the people she loved: her family, her friends and her husband.

A few months later, Amy's father came down with what he thought was a bad case of the flu. It wasn't the flu. Just like her mom's, her father's diagnosis was stage 4 small cell lung cancer. Not long after, Amy lost both of her parents to lung cancer.

"I don't like telling this story. It hurts too much, but I know I have to. My mom and dad were my best friends. They deserved better than this. Lung cancer is an ugly disease and we all need to do our part to stop it," She said.

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