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Mid Atlantic Legacy Society Members

  • Mr. Mark B Altemus
  • Dennis Amend
  • Ms. Ruth R. Atkiss
  • Ms. Sally S. Baldus
  • Flora Jean Beam
  • Gracie Bellosi-Mitchell
  • Ms. Effie Bend
  • Mr. David A. Berger
  • Miss Mary K. Bick
  • Mr. Robert Blizard
  • Michael & Virginia E. Borner
  • Mr. Norman F. Braun Jr.
  • Tom Bream
  • Mrs. Dorothy I. Brodbeck
  • Deborah P. Brown
  • Harry Brown
  • G J Burdick
  • Ms. Ursula Burke
  • Mrs. Vincie Campbell
  • Mr. Joe Cicconi
  • Ms. Geraldine B. Coleman
  • Mrs. E. J. Cook
  • Mrs. Carol S. Covert
  • Cleveland Daniels Jr.
  • Donna Del Sordo
  • Ms. Carolyn G. Doleshal
  • Mr. Edmond E Earl
  • Ms. Valerie Emerson
  • Mrs. Amelia Eufemia
  • Mr. Mark Ewert
  • Ms. Kathleen Fackler
  • Douglas C. Favorite
  • Mrs. Teresa Fowlkes
  • Mr. Lucian M. Furrow
  • Ms. Lolly Gilmore
  • Mrs. Sara Goodkind
  • Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A Gow
  • Mrs. Margaret Grove
  • Ms. Emma F. Haehnle
  • Ms. Barbara A. Hamilton
  • Catherine G Hamm
  • Eugene Hazlett
  • Mr. Harry Hinton
  • Ms. Kitty Hurley
  • Dr. George Imes
  • Ms. Peggy L James
  • Donald E Kennery
  • Mrs. Kelly L. Kesler
  • Mrs. Cindy Killinger
  • Gary & Gale Koach
  • Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Kovach
  • Mr. Jeffrey Lang
  • Mrs. Renee T. Levin
  • Ms. Elizabeth H Lewis
  • Ms. Helen G. Little
  • Mr. Frank O. Loveland
  • Ms. Ann Major
  • Mrs. Frances M. Mariano
  • Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Marsh
  • Mr. Edwardo Masoller
  • Mr. Donald E. McClimon
  • Mrs. Susan B. McElroy
  • Mr. David R McShane
  • Carolyn S. McTague
  • Dorothy Meloche
  • Rita M. Meyers
  • Ms. Elizabeth B Mogee
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jason Myers
  • Mr. Rudolph F. Nickisher
  • Mrs. Janet Nolan
  • Mr. Stephen J. Nolan
  • Mr. Michael O'Farrell
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Ostrander
  • Rev. Kyu Sik Park
  • Mr. William A. Peoples
  • Ms. Helen Plackey
  • Ms. Eleanor Price
  • Desdie E. Prince
  • Mr. Francis H. Rasmus Jr.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Neal D. Rhoads
  • Janet Riley
  • Dr. Albert A Rizzo
  • Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Robertson Jr.
  • Mr. Robert Ross
  • Mr. Richard S. Roth
  • Barbara J. Schnell
  • Mr. Robert J. Scott
  • Ms. Janet Seifried
  • Ms. Aida J. Seltzer
  • Virginia Sensabaugh
  • Mr. Derek Shaw
  • Irene Sidun
  • Mrs. Hillma P Simmons
  • Miss Nancy E. Smith
  • Mr. David Snyder
  • Mrs. Beatrice Spiegler
  • Mr. Marvin E. Spychaj
  • Ms. Sondra Steinberg
  • Mrs. Roland Towers
  • Miss Betty B. Willey
  • Elizabeth Williams
  • Ms. Phyllis B. Wingate
  • Mr. Howard Witmer
  • Ms. Willie R Witt
  • Ms. Leonia S. Wood
  • Tim Woodbridge
  • Jhoanna Pauline Yoo
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