Smoke, Vape, and Tobacco-Free Home Rules and Organization Policy

Creating a tobacco, smoke or vape-free environment in your home and car is an important part of keeping kids safe from secondhand smoke and vape exposure.  One way you can help create a tobacco, smoke or vape-free environment is to adopt a smoke and vape-free pledge for your car and home.

Having this type of pledge allows you to maintain control over your home and car environment that keeps harmful toxins out.  It provides a strong foundation to keep your family safe and healthy and protect their lung health for the long term.  It may even help deter children, teens, or relatives from taking up vaping or smoking.

Below is a sample pledge that you can adapt and use to keep the air in your home and car smoke and vape-free.

Check out this sample pledge

Communicating Smoke-Free Home and Car Rules

Sharing your smoke and vape-free pledge with friends and family may be a little uncomfortable at first. However, it’s important to stand by the pledge and help others understand why it’s important to your family.

Most friends and family members will understand where you’re coming from if you explain the reasoning behind your decision in a compassionate and clear way.  If you see someone about to break or bend this pledge, ask them to step outside and away from open doors and windows or gently remind them that this is a smoke and vape-free zone.

Remember, you’re not asking them to quit smoking or vaping; you’re just asking them to be more conscious of where they do it.

Try these recommendations (1) when having a conversation about the rules in your home and car:

  • Find a time with no distractions to talk
  • Speak calmly and listen as others share their views
  • Use “I” statements and give credit or recognition where credit is due
    • “I know you already work hard not to smoke when the kids are around, but I think we can do more to protect them.”
    • “I would like to have a rule about not allowing any smoking at any time in our home/car.”
    • “I know it is hard to make changes and I really appreciate you trying.”
  • Support the choices others have made
  • Agree on a common goal: to protect kids from secondhand smoke and aerosol
  • Share information from your child’s doctor or other trusted organization about why you’ve made the choice to adopt a smoke and vape-free pledge

Once the pledge is created and agreed upon, put it somewhere visible, either on the fridge or by the front door.  In the car, you can put it inside on the dash, near the cigarette lighter or use a window sticker.

Workplace Smoke, Vape, Tobacco-Free Policies

Smoke and Vape-Free Childcare Center/Organization Policy

Developing a policy for your childcare center can be as simple as defining the rationale for the policy, including the definitions for the terms, outlining the rules, identifying responsibility and accountability for everyone under the policy and listing the necessary compliance regulations.

For sample organizational policies and a more in-depth downloadable guide, check out the resources below.

  1. “Secondhand Smoke,” American Academy of Pediatrics. 2020.

Page last updated: March 19, 2024

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