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Fighting Climate Change in California

Climate Change

The American Lung Association in California recognizes that climate change is among the greatest threats to public health we will face this century. Californians are already experiencing climate change effects including increasing air pollution, more frequent and severe heat waves, longer wildfire seasons, severe drought conditions and other threats to lung health.

Fortunately, California is leading the fight to reduce climate pollution from our cars, trucks and energy sources—reducing the impacts to our air and bringing multiple public health benefits as we reduce our reliance on harmful fossil fuels. California's movement toward a zero carbon economy is movement toward a clean air future.

Key Initiatives of the American Lung Association in California

  • Health Professionals for Clean Air: a network of hundreds of leading health and medical organizations and individual health providers advocating for strong policies that improve health by reducing climate change impacts.
  • Doctors for Climate Health: a platform for physicians to educate their patients and communities about climate change impacts to our air and our health, and the opportunities available to improve the health of our air and environment.
  • Clean Transportation: information about the need to transition California to a zero emission future to combat both air pollution and climate change.
  • Smart Growth: designing communities to reduce driving and encourage greater use of public transit, walking and cycling to improve air quality, lung health, and fight climate change.


Driving California Forward

Driving California Forward
is a report released by the American Lung Association in California and Environmental Defense Fund highlighting the public health and other societal benefits of California's AB 32 fuel policies. According to this study, California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Cap and Trade fuels programs will result in cumulative benefits of $10.4 billion by 2020 and $23.1 billion by 2025 from avoided health costs, energy insecurity and climate change impacts. The transition to cleaner fuels and a more diverse vehicle fleet will result in cleaner air and better health for Californians, increased energy security and a healthier climate.

If you'd like to take a more active role in our fight against climate change, join our Action Network today and take a proactive stance in the fight for healthier lungs and cleaner air.

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