JL Gray commits to go smokefree in properties across New Mexico

In March, all properties managed by JL Gray Company became smokefree.

Bobby Griffith, the chief finance officer of JL Gray, recently signed an intent to work with the American Lung Association in New Mexico and transition all of the companies 118 properties to smokefree. JL Gray is one of five property management companies in New Mexico to implement smokefree policies as part of the Smoke-Free at Home New Mexico program. JL Gray properties will adopt the gold classification, meaning smoking will not be allowed at any time on any part of the property.

“JL Gray Company has committed to transition all of our properties to smoke-free because we understand the danger secondhand smoke exposure has on the health of our most vulnerable residents,” said Griffith.  “We also know that going smoke-free reduces maintenance and cleaning cost. A smoke-free policy is a win-win to both the company and the residents we serve.”

Smoke-Free at Home New Mexico is a partnership between the American Lung Association in New Mexico, KERES Consulting and the New Mexico Department of Health. Smoke-Free At Home provides services to New Mexico Housing and Urban Development, public housing authorities and property management companies and owner, and the program works across the state to spread the smokefree living mission.

Smoking in multi-unit housing can have an effect on all residents. There are more than 7,000 chemicals in secondhand smoke – 70 of which are linked to cancer. This can cause harm not to only to those that smoke and live with smokers, but also neighbors in apartment buildings due to shared airflow. Secondhand smoke can move through units through ventilators and door cracks.  Secondhand smoke in shared housing poses a risk to children and older family members, who spend more time at home.  Each year, secondhand smoke causes approximately 7,3309 deaths from lung cancer and 33,950 deaths from heart disease. 

“We are very thrilled to have JL Gray sign an intent to transition to fully smokefree properties,” said Terry Huertaz, the executive director of the American Lung Association in New Mexico. “One should not have to worry about getting sick due to exposure to secondhand smoke in their own home. There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke and event short-term exposure can cause potential health risks.”

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