Stephen J. Nolan

Stephen J. Nolan

Esquire, Baltimore, MD

Steve has been involved with the American Lung Association in some capacity for over 25 years starting as a Board Member for the American Lung Association of Maryland, quickly moved up through the ranks and serving as president. In that capacity, Steve always led by example. Not only did he provide tremendous governance leadership but also led the way in securing significant fundraising dollars for Lung Association events.

Steve then became the organization’s representative to the National Board of Directors. He was quickly recognized for his many talents and was placed on a number of board committees.

On the local level, Steve helped with the merger between the American Lung Association of North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland – forming ultimately the American Lung Association of the Atlantic Coast. At that time, he also assumed the role of president of the National Board of the American Lung Association.

With new charters being formed across the country and some previous constituents disaffiliating; and a new Lung Association Executive Director; Steve’s presidency was a challenge to say the least. As always, Steve handled the difficult situations with the utmost professionalism, competence and proficiency. He was a strong leader in these situations but also utilized his talent and respectfulness for his other colleagues in the organization to help reach a place of resolve.

In 2009, The Daily Record, Maryland’s business and law newspaper, did an article on Steve titled “The Lawyer who Speaks for Lungs”. He is still battling asbestos companies in court today.

While serving in many roles and in escalating governance levels of our organization, Steve has consistently shared the important qualities that make the most exceptional volunteer: his strong moral character, his strong commitment to our cause, the gift of his time and his willingness to use personal and professional resources to advance the Lung Association mission.

His passion is our gain and we have been the beneficiary of decades of outstanding service.

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