Jill Heins-Nesvold

Jill Heins-Nesvold

MS, MBA, St. Paul, MN

Jill started her career with the American Lung Association in 2002. In 2018, Jill became the National Director of Lung Health, leading asthma and COPD quality improvement initiatives of the Lung Association nationwide.

The American Lung Association’s Enhancing Care for Children with Asthma program has worked with 400 primary and specialty care clinics in 15 states to ensure guidelines-based asthma care. The program has been continuously funded for over eight years and has helped hundreds of thousands of children.

Recently the Lung Association’s Special Projects Lung Health Team, headed by Jill, identified an unmet need: existing evidence in the literature does not define the sustainability of quality improvement programs beyond 12 months post-implementation.

Thus, during FY19, the Lung Association’s Booster Shot program was developed. This program, which supports our strategic imperative to reduce the burden of lung disease, was designed to re-engage past partner clinics from the Enhancing Care for Children program to determine and reverse any degradation of post implementation asthma care. This work will also teach us the sustainability of quality improvement programs and ensure long-term engagement of our existing funders and partner clinics.

Throughout the program, Lung Association programs and advocacy opportunities such as Asthma Basics, Lung HelpLine, Save Our Lungs advocacy network, Freedom from Smoking, and others are offered to clinics. This ensures the program’s alignment with other Lung Association departments and priorities.

This program will be replicated in all markets where the Enhancing Care for Children with Asthma program has been implemented.

Thanks to Jill and her team for the first American Lung Association Innovation Award.

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