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Why I’m Fighting – Lysa B’s Story

I have been surviving with stage 4 lung cancer for the past five years — and to be frank, the Senate's healthcare bill scares me.

Two weeks ago, the American Lung Association invited me to come out and share my story with my Senators about how healthcare – specifically Medicaid – literally saved my life. I didn't have healthcare coverage when I was first diagnosed with lung cancer, [name/friends]. I worried for my future. But Medicaid gave me a lifeline. I got enrolled, and I got coverage for the treatments I need. And now, the Senate wants to make it harder for people to get care. 

Lysa B. speaking to #ProtectPatientsNOW

This week, our lawmakers are back from the July 4 holiday recess. And I'm picking up my phone and calling my Senators each and every day until this bill has been defeated.  I'm asking them to vote NO on this healthcare bill and instead, go back to the drawing board and work on new legislation that will to provide every American with quality, affordable coverage.

Join me today by calling your Senators. It'll only take a few minutes – but will make a huge difference! Millions of Americans are counting on us. Can I count on you?

How to call your two senators in Washington

Find the names and phone numbers of your elected officials in Washington by typing in your zip code on our website.
To maximize the impact of these calls, please make your calls between 9 a.m.–5 p.m. EDT.

How to call your two Senators in Washington
Find the names and phone numbers of your elected officials in Washington by visiting and typing in your zip code.  

To maximize the impact of these calls, please try to make your calls TODAY between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EDT.

What to say when you call TODAY
Remember:  You may have to leave a voicemail or keep calling back

  • My name is XXXXXX and I'm calling from [INSERT THE NAME OF YOUR HOMETOWN CITY.] 
  • I'm calling today to ask Senator [INSERT NAME] to vote NO on the Senate's healthcare bill.
  • I know how important healthcare is for my family and me.  The Senate bill will harm seniors and children who rely on Medicaid and will also allow states to eliminate essential health benefits, which will create a backdoor to exclude patients with pre-existing conditions from health plans.  
  • Can I count on Senator [INSERT NAME] to oppose the Senate's healthcare bill?
  • Thank you.

Share with family and friends to encourage them to call their two Senators today!

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    Page Last Updated: July 10, 2017

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