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Nationwide Call In Day TODAY: Please Call Your Senators to Protect Healthcare for 13 Million Americans

UPDATED NOVEMBER 29, 2017 - Call Your Senators TODAY: No Healthcare Repeal in Tax Bill

We need your help: Today Congress is at it again – they are attempting to undermine healthcare protections for 13 million Americans and increase health insurance premiums for even more. The Senate added a provision to the tax bill that will repeal the requirement that most people have health insurance. That requirement is known as the individual mandate. 

Today is a Nationwide Call In Day so that everyone can speak with one voice and tell our senators that the tax bill is no place to repeal healthcare and ask them to not repeal the individual mandate in the tax bill.

According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, eliminating the individual mandate will mean 13 million Americans will lose their healthcare coverage and state marketplace healthcare premiums will go up by at least 10 percent.

How to call your two Senators in Washington

  • Find your senators' phone numbers online here. Call your two senators, and using the talking points below, ask them to protect healthcare for 13 million people.
  • Please forward this message to at least 3 friends or family members and ask them to call their two senators as well. 

What to say when you call

Below are talking points for delivering your message when you call, once connected to your senators' staff or voicemail. We know lines may be busy or voicemail full – please keep trying back or call their states offices, the numbers for which are also included in the link here.

  • My name is XXXXXX and I'm calling from [INSERT THE NAME OF YOUR HOMETOWN CITY.] 
  • I'm calling today to ask Senator [INSERT NAME] to protect healthcare for 13 million Americans and to oppose repealing the individual mandate in the tax bill.
  • I know how important healthcare is for my family and me. Repealing the individual mandate will result in 13 million Americans losing their healthcare and premiums will increase for millions more. 
  • Can I count on Senator [INSERT NAME] to oppose the repeal of the individual mandate in the tax bill?
  • Thank you.

Share with family and friends to encourage them to call their two senators today!

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