Crayons and markers and pencils, oh my! National Coloring Book Day is Tuesday, August 2. Celebrate with the American Lung Association by creating your own masterpiece with one of our lung coloring book pages!

Here's how you can join the fun:

Step 1) Download and print one of our lung coloring book pages – we have options for children and adults!

Step 2) Color, relax and let your creativity run wild.

Step 3) After your masterpiece is complete, send your artwork back to us at [email protected] and we will feature it on our social channels. Be sure to include your first name, initial of your last name and home state (age, too, if you'd like!) with your submission.

If you share your art on your own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, remember to tag @LungAssociation and @LUNGFORCE and post using #NationalColoringBookDay.

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