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A. B., TX

Many years ago I asked my friend from China why it always looked like it was about to rain in any picture I saw of China. At first she thought I must be mistaken. Later on we visited China, and just like in all the pictures, it was overcast and hazy everyday.

Even though I was only there a few weeks, I really missed the blue skies of Texas. After that experience, I often reflect on how good it is to have clean air and to see a blue sky. Unfortunately, on more and more days, I am noticing a haze over Dallas. Luckily, I usually only need to look off in a different direction to find spots where the sky is still perfectly blue.

I don't want to slowly get to the point where a blue sky is something that only happens on "lucky" days every now and then. I am starting to get very concerned. Take a drive down 75/Central Expressway from Dallas to Plano on any night and look off into the distance, and you will notice tons of smoke and exhaust flowing into the sky. It's really noticeable.

Moreover, some nights even at home, I start to notice an acrid smell in the air and my eyes start burning. Not to mention that you can occasionally walk outside, and it smells like there is a problem with the sewer system.

I am all for American industry and don't want to see any more jobs shipped off to other countries. I just want us to let our brilliant engineers to keep coming up with and trying out new solutions. I worry that better processes are not implemented, because they might impact one quarter's earnings report.

We need to make CEO's understand that they are negligent and doing a bad job when they focus only on short-term bonuses and are willing to sacrifice the environment.

First published: May 6, 2014

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