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Sandra P.

I am a 72-year old female currently living in government subsidized, multi-family housing in northern Michigan. The no-smoking in multi-family housing law went into effect July 18, 2018, yet the management company refuses to enforce the law in the building in which I live. I have had my car egged, cigarette butts thrown in front of my door, and have been shunned by people I was once friends with, all because I have spoken out and asked for the law to be enforced, not only because I believe in the clean air movement in our country, but because I have cardiovascular disease. Having suffered a heart attack in 2003, and another on April 9, 2019, after having lived 6 years in this building, in which 6 out of 8 units are occupied by smokers.

I have tried to convince the CEO of the management company to enforce the no smoking law; his reply email to me was: "if I evict them, I will lose money." Unfortunately, money is the bottom line with this company, not the health and enjoyment of peaceful domain of his tenants. I have asked them to move me out of this particular apartment, because the woman living in the unit directly above mine is a chain smoker, and her being an elderly recluse, I am forced to breathe her second hand smoke constantly, 24/7.

I am afraid for my life because these people who smoke are very protective of each other and out-number me and are an angry bunch when their "right to smoke in their own units" is challenged. I want to move, but lack the funds to do so, therefore, I have asked them to move me to another unit and pay the cost for me; no answer yet. I think they would be glad to see me go, so...I won't hold my breath.

First published: November 13, 2019

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