Tiffany Albury

Tiffany Albury

My name is Tiffany Albury. I am a former public school teacher. I am married with three daughters ages 4, 6 and 14. My oldest daughter, Alexis, was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 7. Prior to this time, she had respiratory issues from a baby that required the use of a nebulizer. She had pneumonia several times as well. I started homeschooling my daughter after a year of monthly hospital visits that had her missing lots of school days. As a parent, I had to take off of work to stay with my daughter in the hospital, to take care of her at home, and take her to doctors' appointment.

Asthma attacks can occur at any time without much notice. Therefore, I feel that it is important to know how to help my asthmatic child. We attended many workshops to learn how to control her asthma. The workshops taught me about what the disease is, the importance of knowing my child's triggers to help eliminate or prevent attacks, and medicines that can be used to treat the disease. The workshops also allowed parents to talk to each other to share concerns and ideas that have helped their child. We used several different medications and dosages to find the right one for my daughter. We also participated in our insurance company's pilot program that monitored the usage of my daughter's medications daily. My family has attended Camp Boggy Creek which provides a weekend camp to kids who have asthma and their immediate family members. I've also attended informational parent workshops at this camp. Through Nemours, we found out about the asthma research studies. My daughter has completed two asthma research studies. My family also had the opportunity to attend the 2014 American Lung Association Gala as a participant of the Nemours Asthma Research Clinical Studies in Jacksonville, Florida. That night, my eleven-year old daughter spoke about her life with asthma. Her speech at the Gala can be viewed on YouTube.

My personal experiences with having an asthmatic child has led to my advocacy to help all children who have asthma and their families. An asthmatic child effects the entire family emotionally, physically, and financially. I want parents and kids to know that they can still to the things that they like to do and have fun while having the disease. I feel that some people do not know the resources that available to help them and their child cope with the disease. I want to help spread the word. It has been a challenging journey, but once you know how to control the disease, it makes life more enjoyable.

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