Mary Lou Lannon

I was married for almost 50 years. My husband had COPD and I helped him for 15 years, which was 12 years longer than they gave him to live. He was a very active person. We were with Better Breathers group. As time went on we were able to help other patients travel and to live an active life. My husband passed away in 2011.

In 2012 I noticed I was short of breath when I walked with friends. I made an appointment with my primary doctor. I had already been treated with antibiotics three times that year. I told her my oxygen level was in the low 80s and I was out of breath while I walked. She gave me another antibiotic for a longer time. I got home and called Marty's pulmonary specialist, who saw me in two weeks. After a breathing test was done, I was diagnosed with severe COPD. I started on a COPD medication. I also asked if I could go to pulmonary rehab. When I returned to the doctor in three months my breathing had improved.  I continue to go to the health club and walk. I am also going to Better Breathers. I try to keep busy. I have helped other COPD patients get oxygen for trips and help them use it. I would like to help in any way I can. My husband and I got so much help from the American Lung Association.

Mary Lou Lannon
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