Bill Pfeifer

Bill Pfeifer

Executive Vice President, National Office

Bill J. Pfeifer is the Executive Vice President, Governance and Strategic Initiatives for the national office. Prior, he served as President and CEO of American Lung Association of the Southwest until the Lung Association united into a single nationwide organization on July 1, 2017.

Pfeifer's 39-year career with Lung Association started in 1980 when he worked as a field representative in the American Lung Association in Oklahoma office. Since then he has worked in Lung Association offices in Southeast Florida and in Arizona and held the roles of assistant executive director, chief executive officer and executive director. In 1999, when the Arizona and New Mexico associations merged, he was appointed president and CEO. He held that role as more states were added and the Southwest Region formed.

Pfeifer received his undergraduate degree in speech communications and human relations from the University of Kansas and his masters of arts in voluntary agency management from Central Michigan University. He was one of seven Lung Association staff who helped pilot this unique master's degree program in the early 1980s.

Outside of the Lung Association, Pfeifer served on the executive committee of a statewide campaign in Arizona to increase tax on tobacco products. In 2007, Bill had the honor of serving as Chair of the successful Smoke-Free Arizona campaign, Proposition 201, a statewide voter initiative in Arizona to prohibit smoking in all enclosed public places and workplaces. He has also been appointed by different Arizona governors to serve on task forces that aimed at improving tobacco prevention and cessation and air quality.

Pfeifer is a second-generation Lung Association executive. His father, Bill Sr., served 44 years (1949-1993) with the American Lung Association of Western Missouri in Kansas City, Missouri.

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