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Mission Moment November – 2017

(November 14, 2017)


November Is Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in America. Now, there's a new screening available that couldsave thousands of lives. But according to our 4th annual Lung Health Barometer too many Americans are not aware of their risk for lung cancer, or of the lifesaving potential of lung cancer screening. Through our LUNG FORCE initiative, the Lung Association is working to change this and save lives. In partnership with the Ad Council, we launched "Saved By The Scan."  This public awareness campaign urges current and former smokers to learn more about lung cancer screening, and take a lung cancer screening eligibility quiz to find out if they or someone they love should talk to their physician about getting screened. Our partner USA Today also published our first "Saved By The Scan" advertorial in support of Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Exciting New Lung Cancer Interception Research Teams Announced:

Research Team

At the October 26, 2017 Research Teams Announcement (l to r) Maximilian Diehn, M.D., Lecia Sequist M.D., (Lung Cancer Interception Translational Research Team leaders), Harold P. Wimmer, National President and CEO, American Lung Association, Andrea Ferris, CEO LUNGevity, Bree Turner, Stand Up To Cancer Ambassador and Actress, Avrum Spira M.D., Steven Dubinett M.D. (Lung Cancer Interception Dream Team leaders).

Earlier this year, we announced our largest single investment ever in lung cancer research. Our LUNG FORCE initiative, Stand Up To Cancer and the LUNGevity Foundation have joined forces to co-fund two groundbreaking research teams, dedicated to discovering new ways to detect and treat cancer at its earliest stages, when the disease is more curable. On October 26, we announced the members of these two groundbreaking teams. The SU2C- LUNGevity – America Lung Association Lung Cancer Interception Dream Team—a $5 million award—is designed to find innovative ways to detect whether lung abnormalities found on chest imaging are benign, or early-stage lung cancer. The SU2C-LUNGevity-American Lung Association Lung Cancer Interception Translational Research Team—a $2 million award—will develop a Lung Cancer Interception Assay (LCIA) that will combine data from cutting edge blood-based and radiology image-based technology platforms. An assay is an analysis that determines the presence and amount of a substance. LCIA, will be used to examine blood for circulating tumor cells and tumor DNA. LCIA could provide a way to interpret nodules found on low-dose CT scans.


Lung Cancer Registry:  Would you like to help advance lung cancer research? The American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE and the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation have teamed up to create the Lung Cancer Registry, which collects detailed medical information about people who have been touched by lung cancer. Researchers can study the registry data, which can then lead to better understanding of the disease and can ultimately produce better outcomes for patients. Learn more and find out how to participate.

ACRC Update: The American Lung Association’s Airways Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) network is the nation’s largest not-for-profit network of clinical research centers dedicated to asthma and COPD treatment research. The ACRC Network conducts large clinical trials that will directly impact patient care for COPD and asthma. One of our current clinical trials (LEEP) is exploring a possible new treatment for COPD. Two others (COCO and ZICO) are targeting chronic cough.

Research Funding Open Application Period: Research grant applications are now being accepted for fiscal year 2019. Our Awards and Grants program funds the best and brightest scientific minds aimed at creating a world free from lung disease. The application period for our Awards and Grants program runs through December. Learn more about the research we support and see how to apply.


COPD Awareness Month: November is National COPD Awareness Month.  As part of our commitment to COPD patients and their caregivers, we also have scores of information and tools for anyone facing COPD, including:

You can also get support and information by calling our toll-free Lung HelpLine (1-800-LUNGUSA), which is staffed by respiratory therapists, certified tobacco cessation counselors, registered nurses and other health professionals.


Flu Season is Here—Time to Get Vaccinated: Influenza (flu) is a highly contagious and sometimes serious, even life-threatening disease. Vaccination is the best prevention. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend everyone six months of age and older get an annual flu vaccine. Learn more about the flu and get quick tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

New Online Asthma Training: Are you interested in learning about, and helping adults with asthma learn better asthma self-management skills? We have launched a new online learning module, Breathe Well, Live Well® Educator Training, to prepare healthcare professionals and community health educators to facilitate adult asthma education using the resource Breathe Well, Live Well: The Guide to Managing Your Asthma at Home and Work.


Fighting for Healthcare: Recently, Senators Alexander (R-TN) and Murray (D-MA), along with 22 other senators have released bipartisan healthcare legislation that would help stabilize the state marketplaces, provide states more flexibility and also ensure patient protections.  The Lung Association supports this bipartisan approach, and we will continue to work with Congress and our health partners to push forward with a bipartisan plan that maintains access to quality and affordable care. You can share your voice and help us defend healthcare for all Americans.

Big Tobacco to Begin Telling the Truth—Nov. 26: By court order, tobacco companies must finally tell the American public the truth about their lethal products.  Beginning on November 26, major U.S. tobacco companies must begin publishing court-mandated "corrective statement" advertisements, telling the American people the truth about their deadly and addictive products and secondhand smoke. The corrective statements are the result of a landmark federal court decision in 2006, in which major tocacco companies were convicted of racketeering and defrauding the public with false claims.  Learn more about the critical role the American Lung Association played in this case.

Speaking Up for the Clean Power Plan: Representatives from the Lung Association will speak up in support of the Clean Power Plan at a public hearing on November 28-29 in Charleston, WV. They will tell U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that the nation needs these tools to protect our health from the carbon and other pollution from power plants. You can add your voice by submitting a comment to EPA by January 16, 2018 using this advocacy alert.

Climate Report Contradicts Political Rhetoric: The US Global Change Research Program has just published the Climate Change Special Report (CSSR), the first part of the 4th National Climate Assessment. The scientists' findings in the report strongly contradict the Administration’s rhetoric and actions on climate change, saying that there is “no convincing alternative explanation” for climate change other than human activity.


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Coping with side effects from lung cancer and its treatment can be one of the most stressful parts of facing a cancer diagnosis. Our recent blog post "An Inside Look at Lung Cancer and Palliative Care" explores the medical sub-specialty of palliative care (sometimes called supportive care) that is aimed at helping patients manage their side effects and improve their quality of life.

Supporters like you make our lifesaving mission possible! November is a month for giving thanks, and we THANK YOU for helping us make a difference in the lives of so many Americans. Every time you make a donation, share your story, participate in an event or spread our message, you become an essential part of our lifesaving tradition that goes back more than a century. Your support today helps build a healthier tomorrow for all of us. Thank you!

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