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Mission Moment March 2017

(March 14, 2017)

LUNG FORCE Expo Season:
If you are a patient or healthcare professional, a LUNG FORCE Expo is a great opportunity to learn more about the latest trends, resources and research surrounding lung cancer, as well as COPD, asthma and other lung diseases. These one-day events feature experts from a variety of lung health-related fields presenting on current research and hot topics, an exhibitor showcase, and a chance for patients, caregivers and the local medical community to connect. Find an Expo near you.

Healthy10 Awards: Last month, the American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE initiative and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) received one of the inaugural Healthy10 Awards, presented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to honor 10 partnerships for their efforts to connect businesses and communities to promote good health. LUNG FORCE and CTCA were recognized in Healthy Community category for collaborating to use increasing awareness, improving prevention and early detection efforts and enhancing treatment to help curtail decades of stigma surrounding lung cancer. The American Lung Association of the Upper-Midwest was also recognized for their  "Enhancing Care for Children with Asthma" initiative, which identifies clinics treating a large number of pediatric patients with asthma, and provides a year-long training program focused on improving quality of care.

pamela-bLUNG FORCE Hero: This month's LUNG FORCE Hero, Pamela B., lost her sister to lung cancer. Later, she was also diagnosed with lung cancer. Pamela attributes her strength to the support of her friends and family.


Safeguarding Health Protections: Federal policies that protect lung health are currently under a wide range of attacks. These include lifesaving public health protections against air pollution and tobacco, as well as much-needed healthcare coverage for millions. We are vigorously fighting to prevent these threats to the health of millions, especially our most vulnerable – children, the elderly and those with chronic health conditions, like asthma. On March 6, as part of a coalition of eleven nonpartisan patient groups, we laid out a joint set of goals for Congress to focus on as it considers changes to the Affordable Care Act. As part of this effort, the coalition created a set of Consensus Health Care Reform Principles, upon which any changes to our nation's healthcare would be evaluated, in order to ensure that all Americans would be provided affordable, accessible and adequate healthcare coverage.

The fight to protect healthcare coverage is particularly urgent and you can help! Share your stories about why healthcare coverage matters to you. Tell us why it is important and what would happen if you lost it at  Your stories will be shared with members of Congress to help convince them to safeguard basic healthcare protections—like no lifetime caps on healthcare costs and protecting against a loss of coverage because of a pre-existing health condition.


We know the American public supports lung health protections. For example, our recent survey shows 61 percent of Americans oppose cutting smog standards, which is why we're fighting to defend the Clean Air Act. We're also working to oppose any law that might exempt cigars from Federal Drug Administration oversight, and increase the odds that kids will become tobacco users.

Join us and become an advocate, so together we can fight for policies that save lives and protect lung health.


Upcoming ACRC Network Trials: Chronic refractory cough in adults is defined as a cough lasting more than eight weeks that does not resolve with treatment, and is not caused by smoking or other lung disease.  Although a common condition, chronic refractory cough may lead to severe impairment of quality of life and social isolation as well as sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue. The few treatments available now have limited benefit and for some may carry substantial risk. The Airways Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) network is conducting two small scale randomized proof-of-concept clinical trials (ZICO and CoCo) to test the potential for use of zinc acetate to improve chronic cough. The first of its kind, the results from the academic multi-center trials of chronic cough, may help inform guidelines for future treatments.


Scientific Peer Review: Peer-review research committees are meeting in Chicago throughout March to discuss the scientific merit of grant applications that we received in December. Scientific reviewers are lung disease experts, and some of the most esteemed scientists and clinicians in the U.S. At the conclusion of the meetings, based on the review and discussion of applications, the committees will provide recommendations for FY18 research funding.


More Materials in Spanish: In an effort to reach all Americans affected by lung disease - including the millions who speak Spanish - we have developed materials and programs specifically for them. These include: Freedom From Smoking®: The Guide to Help You Quit Smoking(available from your local Lung Association), Asthma Basics, our Video Resources Library, COPD Action/Management Plan and many more. Learn more at
CDC Highlights Lung Association Asthma in Schools Resources: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just released its Strategies for Addressing Asthma in Schools, which includes several Lung Association resources including the Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative Toolkit, links to our Asthma Medication in Schools page, Model Policy for School Districts on Stock Bronchodilators and the Student Readiness Assessment Tool. While primarily a resource for state health departments, this CDC guide, and the Lung Association resources it includes, are useful for anyone interested in creating healthy school environments for students with asthma.


Our award winning Blue logo of Each BreathEACH Breath blog continues to share fresh insights and shed new light on lung health topics of all kinds. Two of our most recent posts answer the questions, "What is Walking Pneumonia?," and "Is the Stomach Flu Really the Flu?" Another lets you meet a respiratory therapist at our Lung HelpLine which can be a real lifeline!

Everything we do, we do with your generous and enduring support. When we provide parents with information to help them better manage their child's asthma, help a smoker quit for good, or provide a COPD patient with group support and education, it's because you've made it possible. THANK YOU for all you do to support healthy air and healthy lungs!

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