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Mission Moment June - 2016

(June 15, 2016)

Lung Cancer

Thank You CVS! Thank you to our friends at CVS Pharmacy! Our partnership with CVS is instrumental in helping to raise awareness and fight lung cancer. The CVS Pharmacy in-store fundraising campaign concluded this past weekend. Customers were able to donate $1, $3 or more at the register at all 7,900 CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide. THANK YOU for your support in this important fundraising initiative. Your donations help fund research that will lead to better treatment options and improved methods of early detection for lung cancer patients.

New Immunotherapy Educational Tools: We are excited to announce the release of several lung cancer immunotherapy educational tools. Explore our interactive infographic and brochure to learn how lung cancer immunotherapy works, who is eligible, possible side effects and questions for your doctor. Also watch two of our LUNG FORCE Heroes' talk about their experience with lung cancer immunotherapy. Our latest LUNG FORCE blog post talks about these new tools as well as the field of lung cancer immunotherapy.

LUNG FORCE Hero:   LUNG FORCE hero Charlene W. lost her mother Muriel to lung cancer in 2010. Today she says, "Lung cancer is a disease and an enemy we must learn to fight better." Read the rest of her story.

LUNG FORCE Expos: We have just wrapped up a very successful LUNG FORCE Expo season. We've hosted 16 Expos around the country since March. LUNG FORCE Expos are a great opportunity for patients and healthcare professionals to learn more about the latest trends, resources and research surrounding lung cancer, COPD, asthma and other lung diseases. New Expos are set to start in August. Find an expo near you.

Our Research

LUNG FORCE Research Innovation Project: Lung Cancer in Women Award: On May 24, we announced that Sharad Goyal, MD, is the recipient of the new LUNG FORCE Research Innovation Project: Lung Cancer in Women Award, funded by our LUNG FORCE initiative. Dr. Goyal is a radiation oncologist and Associate Professor at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. As the first-ever recipient of this research award, Dr. Goyal will  investigate if radiation exposure from interventional cardiovascular procedures lead to increased risk of lung cancer in women as compared to men. Learn more about Dr. Goyal and his research through a Q&A on our EACH Breath Blog.

ACRC Expands Impact: We're proud to announce that our Airways Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) network has increased its ability to improve the lives of people with asthma and COPD by adding new centers and more experts. Not only have five new centers been added to the network, but all returning centers underwent a competitive  process to continue as part of the network – resulting in a stronger more effective network across the board. Read Harold Wimmer's Huffington Post blog on our commitment to asthma & COPD research.


Let's Protect Kids from Tobacco: On May 5, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asserted its regulatory authority over all tobacco products including e-cigarettes, cigars and hookah. Unfortunately, this lifesaving rule is already under attack. The rule is at risk of being overturned or weakened by Congress, and the White House has already struck out a section that allowed FDA to remove candy-flavored e-cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products that appeal to kids from the market.  You can help protect kids from tobacco! Join us on social media, using #notobacco4kids to tell Congress to choose kids' health over tobacco profits! Go to and learn how to become an E-Advocate and other ways you can fight for lung health in your community and for all Americans.

No Safe Level of Secondhand Smoke: June 27 marks the 10th anniversary of the Surgeon General's report declaring that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke, and that the only way to protect nonsmokers is for the places where they live, work and play to go completely smokefree. A total of 28 states, and the District of Columbia, have passed comprehensive smokefree laws. Join us on the 27th on social media as we call on the other 22 states to protect their citizens by going completely smokefree.

Tobacco to 21
Thursday, June 9 was an historic moment in the fight against tobacco when California passed a bill raising the legal age for buying tobacco products to 21! California joins Hawaii, which became the first state to raise its minimum tobacco purchasing age to 21 in 2015. Why does the American Lung Association support raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21? Because increasing the minimum sales age to 21 will reduce youth smoking and save at least quarter of a million lives.  Please join us in asking Congress to pass a federal "Tobacco to 21" act.

Healthy Air

Clean Air Act under Attack: The Clean Air Act promises all Americans air that is safe to breathe. However, Congress is considering legislation that would permanently weaken this landmark law. In early June, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4775, the so-called"Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2016." The Lung Association dubbed this bill the"Smoggy Skies Act" because it would weaken implementation and enforcement of limits on dangerous ozone and other harmful air pollutants, and permanently undermine the Clean Air Act as a public health law. The Lung Association rallied opposition from its healthy air coalition partners, including the American Thoracic Society, American Academy of Pediatrics, and March of Dimes, and were prominent opponents of the bill in Congressional offices and in the media. Field staff weighed in with their representatives across the country, and many Healthy Air Campaign state organizers recruited state-based coalition partners to voice their opposition.

The Senate is slated to consider the bill in June, and the Lung Association will continue leading the charge to educate decision-makers and the public about why this bill would be so harmful to lung health. You can help by urging your senators to protect the Clean Air Act here!

Americans Support Limits on Methane Pollution: The Lung Association released a poll showing broad support for EPA's recently released limits on methane emissions from new and modified oil and gas facilities. The national poll found that 60 percent of Americans favor the new limits, with majorities in every region of the country and across nearly every demographic polled. Even after voters heard balanced arguments both in favor of and against the EPA's limits, a majority still supported the standards. The poll also found that 66 percent of voters favor the EPA updating standards with stricter limits on air pollution in general.

Each Breath Blog

Have you ever heard of EIB? One of the latest entries in our Each Breath blog says that if you are feeling out of breath after a run - it might be EIB. You can also learn why Mishka the sea otter needs an inhaler.

Your generous support makes everything we do possible. THANK YOU for all you do to support healthy air and healthy lungs. As our Stair Climb and LUNG FORCE Walk season wraps up, we want to especially thank the thousands of event participants and other volunteers whose gifts of time, effort and PASSION did so much to make our mission a reality! With your help, we are working to help those who suffer from lung disease today, and to stop the spread of lung disease tomorrow.

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