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Mission Moment August – 2017

(August 17, 2017)


Saved By The Scan

Introducing "Saved By The Scan:" On World Cancer Day (August 1), in collaboration with the Ad Council, the American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE initiative launched a groundbreaking lung cancer screening campaign, "Saved By The Scan." This multi-year public awareness effort is designed to raise awareness of the benefits of early detection through lung cancer screening and drive high-risk individuals to take an online lung cancer screening eligibility quiz. If they meet the guidelines, they are urged to talk to their doctor about being screened for lung cancer. Through the availability of lung cancer screening, we have a tremendous opportunity to enact real change. At least 9 million Americans qualify as high risk for lung cancer and are recommended to receive screening. If only half of those at high risk were to be screened, about 15,000 lives would be saved.

New Pathway in Lung Cancer Navigator: Our Lung Cancer Navigator guides users to the most important information and resources depending where they are in their lung cancer journey. It features pathways to information for people concerned they may have lung cancer, newly diagnosed patients, patients who have completed treatment and lung cancer caregivers. We now offer a new guide that provides helpful information for people who are currently in lung cancer treatment. Treatment options, coping with side effects and the emotional toll of treatment are just a few of the topics covered.

LUNG FORCE Hero Sara J.LUNG FORCE Hero: This month's LUNG FORCE Hero, Sara J., shares the inspiring story of how her mother is winning her fight against stage 4 lung cancer, thanks to a clinical trial at the National Institutes of Health.


Victory in the Fight for Healthcare: THANK YOU to all of you who signed our petition or called your senators and asked them to vote "no" on the Senate healthcare bill that, if passed, would have meant millions of Americans would lose their health coverage. With your help, the bill did not pass and now there is the chance that Congress will work on a bipartisan solution that will guarantee quality and affordable healthcare for all Americans.  This is a solid victory, but it may be a short reprieve. To keep up with and continue to support the fight, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and consider becoming a Lung Association E-Advocate.

EPA Reverses Ozone Delay: On August 2, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that they are reversing their decision to delay implementation of more health-protective ozone limits. Earlier this year, EPA announced that they planned to delay for a year an important step in implementing the 2015 ozone standards. The Lung Association and other medical and health organizations took legal action against EPA last month arguing that the EPA must implement the 2015 ozone standards under the Clean Air Act. While the reversal of the delay is great news, the Lung Association is staying vigilant to ensure that EPA fully implements the standard moving forward.

EPA Backtracks on Clean Cars Standards: On August 10, EPA announced that it will reopen a review of greenhouse gas standards for light-duty vehicles. This is bad news, as it signals that these protections could be weakened. Last year, EPA conducted an extensive public review of the standards for new vehicles for model years 2022-2025 and determined that the limits are appropriate and feasible. EPA's announcement means that they will redo the review process, and could potentially decide to weaken the standards this time. They also expanded the review to the year 2021 as well. The Lung Association will have an opportunity to provide public comments on this review and any proposals to weaken these important standards.

Children holding a "thank you" sign.

Back to School with Asthma: Summer is almost over, and that means it's time to get ready to go back to school. Returning to school for a child with asthma can be challenging and stressful. As a parent, there are things you can do to prepare, and the Lung Association is here to help. We have many tools for students and parents, including our Back-to-School Checklist to ensure that you and your child have a safe and healthy school year.


All of Us Research Program: Precision medicine is healthcare that is based on individuals and takes into account factors such as where you live, what you do and your family health history. The Lung Association is helping to spread the word about the All of Us Research Program developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), so researchers can learn more about what affects people's health and improve treatments and tests. NIH is looking for 1 million people from across the U.S. to participate and provide the information they need to help create individualized prevention, treatment and care for all.

Children's coloring book printoutCREATIVE LEARNING

What Color are Healthy Lungs? August 2 was National Coloring Book Day, but it's never too late for a child – or the child in all of us – to pick up a crayon and get creative. Try your hand at the special coloring book pages we created and learn a little about lungs along the way.


Blue logo of Each BreathFollowing the launch of our "Saved By The Scan" campaign, our latest blog tells the story of Kathy L., a former smoker whose lung cancer was detected early, thanks to lung cancer screening. Other recent blogs look at our Airways Clinical Research Centers clinical trial to see if blood pressure medicine can help with COPD, and the rare phenomenon called "Thunderstorm Asthma."

Everything we do, we do with your generous and enduring support. When we provide parents with information to help them better manage their child's asthma, help lung cancer patients learn about their treatment options, or defend laws that protect the air we all breathe, it's because you've made it possible. THANK YOU for all you do to support healthy air and healthy lungs! We always have opportunities for those who share our passion for lung health to join in our work.

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