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New Designed for Healthcare Systems to Help Patients Get Saved by The Scan

(November 1, 2018)

Lung cancer screening is a relatively new procedure with lifesaving potential. To help ensure everyone eligible has access to screening at institutions both large and small nationwide, this Lung Cancer Awareness Month the American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE and the American Thoracic Society are excited to launch, a new, interactive website designed to help community hospitals and healthcare systems implement lung cancer screening programs.

Lung cancer screening can lead to early diagnosis, when 5-year survival rates increase to 56 percent. Lung cancer screening is recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force for those considered at "high risk" for developing lung cancer, which includes anyone age 55-80 who is a current smoker or quit smoking in the last 15 years and smoked the equivalent of 30 "pack years" (1 pack a day for 30 years, 2 packs for 15 years, or any combination of years and packs that equals 30). It's estimated that if the approximately 8 million Americans who are eligible were screened, 25,000 lives would be saved.

Establishing a comprehensive lung cancer screening program can be difficult. A successful and effective screening program requires careful coordination across multiple healthcare departments and facilities. The goal of is to help manage those complexities. Led by co-chairs, Carey C. Thompson M.D., MPH, and Andrea McKee, M.D., expands on the content from the guide published in May, which was created from the experiences of a panel of experts from across the country in the areas of research, behavioral sciences, quality improvement, nurse navigation, patient advocacy and clinicians who have knowledge in all aspects of lung cancer screening programs.

Thanks to expert contributors, who represent such a wide breadth of healthcare organizations, hospital administrators and screening program coordinators, offers an overview of the general structure of lung cancer screening programs and topics for consideration while planning, and also includes potential pitfalls and obstacles, along with tools and resources. also allows users to quickly find the information they need as they are tackling a particular issue along the course of developing their screening program.

We're serious in our fight against lung cancer and will continue to work to ensure we've covered every base. We encourage those at high risk for lung cancer to get screened through our new "Saved By The Scan" campaign and now, we’re helping hospitals and healthcare systems be ready for them.

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