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  • FY15 Annual Report Conclusion

Looking to the Future…

This annual report is a look back at the past financial year (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015). But at the American Lung Association, we're constantly looking to the future. Our vision of a world free of lung disease is ambitious, but worth the effort. Planning, perseverance and your support will get us there.

We believe that we will breathe easier when lung cancer is no longer the leading cancer killer in America. Our LUNG FORCE initiative is breathing new life into the battle to defeat lung cancer—the #1 cancer killer of both men and women in America. Improved education, more awareness and increased funding for medical research—all at the heart of LUNG FORCE—will help us topple lung cancer from its pinnacle.

We are working toward the day when the air in every American community is clean and healthy. Our ongoing Healthy Air Campaign is succeeding in achieving stronger federal air pollution standards for ozone, particle pollution and carbon pollution that will truly protect public health. With hard-fought successes, we see a future where children no longer battle airborne poisons or fear an asthma attack due to air pollution.

We also see a future where people are free from the addictive grip of tobacco. For decades, tobacco use has been the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. Our 2015 "State of Tobacco Control" report charts the course to eliminating tobacco-caused death and disease, including the three bold goals we have set with other public health partners to end the tobacco epidemic.

Finally, the future we envision is one where the debilitating effects of lung disease are a thing of the past. Our Research Program builds a community of lung disease researchers whose work continually leads to better treatments, and even cures to reduce the impact of lung diseases from asthma and COPD to pneumonia and lung cancer. We are constantly adding to our array of information and tools that help people protect their lungs, and patients and caregivers navigate their lung disease journey and find the support they need.

It's often said "Go big or go home." That's just another way of saying, "aim high." At the American Lung Association, we choose to go big! With your help, a world without lung disease is a future worth aiming for.