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  • FY16 Annual Report Health Education

Providing Knowledge, Tools and Support Important to 175 Million Americans

Every day, Americans turn to the American Lung Association for trusted information and reliable support for better lung health. We're here to help, with the tools and information you need.

Helping smokers quit is an essential part of our mission, and our gold standard Freedom From Smoking® program took a major step forward when we developed Freedom From Smoking® Plus, the latest way to access our proven-effective cessation program. Freedom From Smoking® is the best quit smoking program available, offering both online and telephone support. It is designed to be engaging, interactive and easily accessible from any computer, tablet or phone.

This past year, we've developed a number of new and innovative lung cancer patient support materials. The Lung Association furthered our commitment to improving the lives of people facing lung cancer through a comprehensive internal training on lung cancer messaging to ensure we speak with a positive and inclusive voice that empowers the lung cancer community. Our new resources on lung cancer immunotherapy include an interactive infographic and brochure to learn how lung cancer immunotherapy works, who is eligible, possible side effects and questions for your doctor.

With support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we developed a number of tools to ensure that students with asthma have access to their medication in school. These include an Interactive Learning Module, a Model Policy For School Districts on Stock Bronchodilators , and a Student Readiness Tool (to determine if they are ready to carry their own quick-relief inhaler). In addition, our Asthma Basics, now available in Spanish, is a free online course that offers an overview of asthma management that is helpful for teachers, coaches, school nurses and even parents.

For COPD patients, we created a series of instructional videos, available in English and Spanish, including How to Properly Use a Nebulizer, How to Properly Clean a Nebulizer, Pursed Lip Breathing and Belly Breathing. All are available on the Lung Association's YouTube channel.

Health Education
Making a Difference

  • 80K+ lung cancer patients and caregivers received support each month
  • Created new tools to help the 5.4M kids with asthma carry their own medication to school and learn in asthma friendly environments
  • Supported 40K+ patients, caregivers and advocates each month on each of three support channels
  • Held 26 LUNG FORCE Expos, reaching over 3,000 attendees
  • Launched series of educational resources about lung cancer immunotherapy—benefitting the 415K+ Americans ever diagnosed with lung cancer
  • Created new instructional videos to improve the lives of the more than 11M adults with COPD
  • Provided online lung health resources to 6M people a year on Lung.org

Reaching More People, Saving More Lives with Committed Partners

The American Lung Association and Pfizer partnered to create Quitter's Circle, an online community and mobile app designed to help smokers face obstacles associated with quitting through educational, social and financial support.

Working in partnership with Pfizer, we launched Who Pneu?, a public awareness campaign to share the seriousness of pneumococcal pneumonia and the importance of adult vaccinations for preventable diseases.

Quitting Is Better Together

We partnered with the Anthem Foundation to bring better access to proven quit-smoking programs such as Freedom From Smoking® to populations that need it most. Additionally, Anthem has provided sponsorship for many of our Fight For Air Climbs and engages employees at the local levels to assist in furthering our mission.


Susan Donovan—Thankful to be Smokefree!

Susan Donovan first started smoking in middle school. It was the late 1960s, and the American public was not yet fully aware of the consequences of smoking. At first, it was just one or two cigarettes a day. Over time, Susan was smoking up to three packs a day.

"I would wake up and it was the first thing I reached for and continued that way for 42 years!" said Susan. When she started having trouble breathing, she resolved to quit.

"I tried it all. Cold turkey. Hypnotism. Acupuncture. Almost every time, I immediately went back to smoking within a matter of hours. One time I made it for a few months! I thought I had finally kicked it out of my life. But I didn't," Susan recalled.

When Susan discovered the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking (FFS) program, things changed. "Freedom From Smoking® showed me how I had to change my routines and understand my smoking triggers. I changed everything. I even changed where I sat when I watched the news."

Thanks to Freedom From Smoking®, Susan is now smokefree. She believes in the program so much, she's now a trained FFS Facilitator, and helps others quit for good.

"I don't remember anniversaries or birthdays, but I remember my quit day! I celebrate it every month to remind myself how far I've come and that I actually accomplished it," said Susan. "I'm thankful every day that I finally quit smoking."

Read Susan's EACH Breath blog about becoming smokefree, and see other inspiring stories from former smokers through #TheDayIQuit blog series.

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