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  1. Tumor Testing Can Open the Door for New Lung Cancer Treatments
    (Web Page; Tue Nov 13 24:00:00 CST 2018)
    Description: Fast and furious. That is an accurate way to categorize the progress that has been made in personalized (or precision) medicine in lung cancer over the past several years. For decades, lung cancer was treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. But now, scientists are learning more about what makes up cancer tumors and causes them to grow, opening the door for treatment tailored to patients’ unique needs.
  2. The Connection Between Pneumonia and Lung Disease
    (Web Page; Mon Nov 12 24:00:00 CST 2018)
    Description: Our bodies have built-in security systems. For instance, your nose and airways filter germs out of the air you breathe, which help keep your lungs from becoming infected. But there are times when germs find a way to enter the lungs and cause infections.
  3. Lung Cancer Screening: A Simple Way to Save Lives
    (Web Page; Thu Nov 8 24:00:00 CST 2018)
    Description: What if we could save 25,000 lives with a simple screening? We can. Lung cancer is the nation’s leading cancer killer of both men and women, accounting for 25 percent of total cancer deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, less than 5 percent of those recommended to undergo lung cancer screening (LCS) for early detection have done so.
  4. Lung Cancer: Not What You Think
    (Web Page; Tue Nov 6 24:00:00 CST 2018)
    Description: Many of us know lung cancer statistics far too well. We have witnessed them firsthand and have lost far too many people to this devastating disease. But others may not know that lung cancer is the leading cancer killer, taking more than 400 of our friends and family members every single day in this country alone.
  5. When Asthma and COPD Overlap
    (Web Page; Wed Oct 31 24:00:00 CDT 2018)
    Description: When a person with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is experiencing shortness of breath or another symptom, they may not think they are suffering from more than one chronic lung disease. However, according to the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, 15 to 55 percent of patients with variation by gender and age may have asthma-COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS), a disease that includes components of both asthma and COPD.
  6. Why Does My Arm Hurt After a Flu Shot?
    (Web Page; Mon Oct 29 24:00:00 CDT 2018)
    Description: Getting a shot at the doctor’s office might not be the most enjoyable experience, with the needle and the doctor and that pesky arm pain that can come after for some, but vaccination is necessary to help your body defend itself against dangerous diseases, including seasonal influenza (flu).
  7. Do You Know Your Radon Levels?
    (Web Page; Tue Oct 16 24:00:00 CDT 2018)
    Description: It’s hard to be choosy about where to live when you’re in need of an affordable rental - especially if you’re on a student budget and need a place fast.
  8. Enter if You Dare: 6 Spooky Things Lurking Inside Your Home
    (Web Page; Tue Oct 9 24:00:00 CDT 2018)
    Description: Ghosts and ghouls, monsters and witches—Halloween is the time to celebrate all things that go bump in the night. But what if there’s something even scarier living inside your home? Indoor air pollutants can put your health at risk, regardless of the season.
  9. Centennial of a Pandemic: The 1918 Flu
    (Web Page; Fri Sep 21 24:00:00 CDT 2018)
    Description: It’s 1918, and the First World War is beginning to wind down across Europe. But another scourge is also spreading, and it will eventually take even more lives. It's influenza – or the flu – an adversary that’s still with us a century later.
  10. The Cancer Moonshot: Ending cancer as we know it
    (Web Page; Thu Sep 20 24:00:00 CDT 2018)
    Description: The American Lung Association has been proud to stand with the Biden Cancer Initiative, focusing intently on our work to defeat lung cancer.
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