Tobacco Policy Trend Reports

See below for special Lung Association reports on several emerging tobacco policy topics.

Helping Smokers Quit 2010Helping Smokers Quit: State Cessation Coverage
Smokers need help to quit, and some states are leading the way in helping them quit, while others lag behind. Read this report to find out what cessation treatments are covered in your state.

Big Tobacco on CampusBig Tobacco on Campus Report (September 2008)
College students are falling victim to aggressive tobacco industry marketing tactics as one in five continue to smoke, according to a recent American Lung Association report that looks at tobacco use and policies on college and university campuses.

An Emerging Deadly Trend: Waterpipe Tobacco UseAn Emerging Deadly Trend: Waterpipe Tobacco Use (February 2007)
What is hookah smoking and is it as harmless as people say? Read this report to find answers to these questions and what can be done to slow down this emerging trend.