Success Stories

Freedom From Smoking® has helped hundreds of thousands of smokers quit since it was introduced. Here's what a few of them had to say:

"I tried to stop smoking one hundred times.  I'd quit for a month then start again. I'd quit for two months, then start again. I was a pack-and-a-half per day smoker. Then my son got married and had a son, and I didn't want my grandson to see this.  Also, my health was going downhill and I got really scared." - Barbara

"The program was there when I was ready not to smoke.  I had something to reach out for.  Not to take away from the program's content or research but I just wanted to give [smoking] up. I went to the program every week. I enjoyed that there were people to talk and to listen to. I even went to follow-up meetings and tried to give back, to help at the hospital." – Steven, 58

"They gave me a quit date.  I did everything they told me to do and I have never smoked again.  They gave me the tools that showed me when I smoked and why I was smoking.  It was like a miracle, truly like a miracle. I just kept going – and I'm still going." – Glady

"[Freedom From Smoking] saved my life. I am eternally grateful to the American Lung Association. They just work miracles, they really do.  Kept me alive this many years.  It was highly unlikely I was going to survive the winter and here I am, ten years later.  And I am so grateful that I met my two great-granddaughters – they wouldn't have met me if I hadn't had found this program."- Glady

"What helped me quit was knowing that the minute I craved for a cigarette, I was prepared.  Plus knowing how much I smoked by doing Pack Tracks was a pain in the butt, excuse me, but it really helped!   The other big thing was the group support.  I never felt alone when I was quitting. I tried everything to quit before - I wish I had gone through [Freedom From Smoking] sooner."- Cathy, 56