The American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking® (FFS) program is for adults who are ready to quit smoking. Because most people know that smoking is dangerous to their health, the program focuses almost exclusively on how to quit, not why to quit.

The Story Behind Freedom From Smoking®
In 1975, the leadership of the American Lung Association, American Thoracic Society and Congress of Lung Association Staff launched a project to develop a smoking cessation program. After a thorough review of existing program and research literature, three different approaches (media, self-help, and clinic) were chosen for development and testing to reach different segments of the population. Each approach was thoroughly evaluated and the Freedom From Smoking® self-help manual was introduced nationwide in 1980. The Freedom From Smoking® group clinic program followed in 1981. We also offer Freedom From Smoking® Online, an Internet-based program available 24-7. All Freedom From Smoking® products are regularly reviewed and updated to make sure Freedom From Smoking® remains "America's gold standard in smoking cessation programs."

How The Program Works
The Freedom From Smoking® group clinic consists of eight sessions. It is delivered by an American Lung Association-trained facilitator in a small-group setting (usually 8–10 people), so participants get personalized attention. At the same time, individuals benefit from the support of their peers, who are going through the same stages at the same time. The current edition of the curriculum includes the latest research about nicotine replacement therapy (gum, inhalers, patches, lozenges and nasal spray) and other smoking cessation medications such as Zyban® and Chantix®.

Each clinic session uses techniques based on pharmacological and psychological principles and methods designed to help smokers gain control over their behavior. Because no single cessation technique is effective for all smokers, the program includes a comprehensive variety of evidence-based cessation techniques.

Participants can use the group clinic by itself or in conjunction with the Freedom From Smoking® self-help manual, the American Lung Association's Lung HelpLine (1-800-LUNG-USA) and Freedom From Smoking® Online. Program materials are available in English and Spanish.

The Freedom From Smoking® self-help manual compliments the lessons of the Freedom From Smoking® group clinic. It provides smokers with additional reinforcement, motivation and information they need to quit. The workbook format get smokers involved as they customize the book for their own reasons and motivations to quit, thus ensuring greater efficacy.