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Help Someone Quit

Want to help someone quit smoking?

Give the gift of a membership to Freedom From Smoking Plus, the the American Lung Association’s proven quit smoking program now available online! Users are able to create a custom quit plan, learn about nicotine replacement therapies, track their successes and learn how to maintain a smokefree life. Sign up at

When someone takes the big step of deciding to quit smoking, his or her family, friends and co-workers can make a big difference by giving their help and support.

If your friend has isn't quite ready to quit, try to see it from their side. For most smokers, cigarettes have been a steady companion for a long time. Some reluctance is normal and it doesn't mean your friend won't be able to quit for good. First, let your friend know you understand their doubts, then suggest that he or she list their reasons for quitting. Encourage them to set a quit date and offer to help in any way needed. Be sure to tell your friend about Freedom From Smoking for lots of help quitting and staying quit.

How Do You Begin?

Get tips on what you can do from the start to help your friend quit and stay quit.

Meeting Challenges Along the Way

Withdrawal, weight gain and urges are some challenges that might come up as someone quits smoking. Learn how you can be there to help

Be There for the Long Run

Quitting smoking is a journey, not a single event. See how you can help your friend every step of the way, from making a quit plan to avoiding relapse.

Employee Wellness Programs

The American Lung Association recognizes the need for lung health and smoking cessation programs for the business environment. To assist employers, we offer a number of programs for businesses and managed care providers. Contact us at 1-800-LUNGUSA (1-800-586-4872) or to learn how we can customize our tobacco cessation program, Freedom from Smoking®, for your business.

Join Our Effort—Become a Facilitator

Get involved with the Freedom From Smoking® program by either bringing it to your organization or becoming a trained clinic facilitator.

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