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  • Senator Durbin's Bill to Close Tobacco Tax Loopholes Will Save Lives By Stopping Tax Avoidance
    January 31, 2013 - Statement of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association and American Public Health Association.
  • Tobacco Industry Continues to Spend Billions While Public Health Shortchanged
    January 16, 2013 - American Lung Association Annual "State of Tobacco Control Report" reveals tragic money trail leading to tobacco-caused death and disease; federal government largely failing to combat industry tactics
  • American Lung Association Releases "State of Tobacco Control 2013" Report January 16, 2013, at 5 a.m. (ET)
    January 7, 2013 - The American Lung Association is releasing the results of its eleventh annual “State of Tobacco Control” report on January 16, 2013. This report tracks progress on key tobacco control policies at the federal and state level, assigning grades based on whether laws are adequately protecting citizens from tobacco-caused disease.
  • CDC Study Reveals Slow Decline in Adult Cigarette Smoking
    November 8, 2012 - Findings published today in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) show mixed news—while the overall number of adult cigarette smokers has declined since 2005, the rate of decline has slowed since 2000. The American Lung Association is pleased the number of adult cigarette smokers continues to move in the right direction, but the slow rate of this decline can and must be improved upon.
  • North Dakotans Pass Smokefree Ballot Initiative
    November 7, 2012 - The American Lung Association applauds North Dakota voters for wisely choosing to make all workplaces—including bars and restaurants—smokefree statewide. North Dakota will now become the 28th state to meet the American Lung Association’s Smokefree Air Challenge.
  • New Study Just One More Reason for FDA to Regulate Cigars
    August 27, 2012 - The American Lung Association is deeply concerned by findings in a new study released today that show the use of flavored cigars among cigar smokers is highest in among young, poor, Hispanic, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT) populations.
  • American Lung Association Urges Immediate Appeal of Ruling Against Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels
    August 24, 2012 - Lung Association urges DOJ to appeal cigarette graphic warning labels case.
  • American Lung Association, National Rural Health Association to Host Joint Press Conference
    August 13, 2012 - The American Lung Association and the National Rural Health Association host joint press conference to release the Lung Association’s latest health disparity report, “Cutting Tobacco’s Rural Roots: Tobacco Use in Rural Communities,” on August 15, at the National Conference on Tobacco or Health in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • American Lung Association Troubled by Trends in New CDC Study
    August 9, 2012 - The American Lung Association is troubled by the leveling off of tobacco use rates—especially for certain tobacco products—seen in a new study released today in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). Especially troubling is the fact that current rates of cigar and smokeless tobacco use—particularly among high school boys—appear to be headed in the wrong direction as they now nearly match the rates of cigarette smoking.
  • New CDC Study Reveals Increase in Cigar Use
    August 2, 2012 - The American Lung Association is deeply troubled by the findings in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), “Consumption of Cigarettes and Combustible Tobacco, 2000-2011,” released today. The study shows that while cigarette use has declined 33 percent since 2000, the use of large cigars has increased 233 percent over this period.
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