American Lung Association Applauds Obama Administration's Proposal for Cleaner Gasoline and Vehicle Standards

Washington, D.C. (March 29, 2013)

Paul G. Billings, Senior Vice President of the American Lung Association, issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposal to establish new Cleaner Gasoline and Vehicle Standards, also known as Tier 3.

"Pollution from cars, light trucks, and SUVs kills and makes people sick. Stronger standards that lower sulfur levels in gasoline and cut toxic tailpipe pollutants will pave the way to a healthier future."

"Using lower sulfur gasoline in cars currently on the road will reduce as much pollution as taking 33 million cars off the road."

"Passenger vehicles are major sources of ozone and particle pollution that pose serious threats to public health. This pollution triggers asthma attacks, worsens lung and heart health and can even lead to early death. Children, the elderly and those with chronic lung and heart health problems are most vulnerable to traffic-related pollution. Emerging research shows that those of us who live, work and go to school near major roadways are at even greater risk to the impacts of traffic pollution."

"According to a recent bi-partisan survey conducted by the American Lung Association, voters strongly support the EPA's efforts to clean up gasoline and vehicles. A 2-to-1 majority (62 to 32 percent) support EPA setting stricter standards on gasoline and tightening limits on tailpipe emissions from new vehicles."

"We support cleaner gasoline and vehicles standards. We will carefully review the proposal and file detailed comments to support the maximum pollution reductions. The American Lung Association will encourage the public to weigh in during EPA's public comment period. These new standards must not be delayed. EPA must set the cleaner gasoline and vehicle standards before the end of the year."


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