The American Lung Association Thanks EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson for Tireless Efforts to Improve the Nation's Air and Protect Public Health

Statement of the American Lung Association

Washington, D.C. (December 27, 2012)

The American Lung Association today thanked Lisa P. Jackson for her tremendous leadership as the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During her tenure, the EPA set live-saving protections that will improve the health of millions and save tens of thousands of lives: a remarkable legacy.

Two weeks ago provided an excellent illustration of that legacy, when Administrator Jackson set the nation's most protective limits ever on particulate matter air pollution, or soot. Particulate matter kills tens of thousands of Americans annually, causes hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks, as well as heart attacks and strokes. This new standard will help ensure that this lethal pollutant is cleaned up all across the nation.

Administrator Jackson also led the Agency to set long-overdue, toxic pollution standards for coal-fired power plants. Under her leadership, the Agency formally concluded that greenhouse gases endanger public health, and proposed the first national limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

Administrator Jackson began her term with a clear understanding that the national standard for ozone pollution failed to follow the Clean Air Act's requirement to protect public health. Under her leadership the Agency courageously proposed a stronger ozone standard. The President's refusal to follow the science and the law to tighten the ozone standard was a major setback for public health during her tenure.

Throughout her term in office, Administrator Jackson sought to expand public health protections to the communities often hardest hit by pollution, especially low income families and communities of color. A legacy of her commitment is that people who live near major roadways will be better protected from the extraordinarily high pollution levels that have recently come to light.

Administrator Jackson committed the Agency to tackle other pollutants and sources long over-looked, including the cleanup of ocean going vessels. The Agency also completed the first update since 1971 of the national limits, or standards, on sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

By tackling the biggest sources of pollution, by championing the most challenging needs, Administrator Jackson has faced endless criticism—unjust and untrue—from many of the largest polluters in the nation and their allies in Congress. Administrator Jackson should take their criticism as a sign of her success.

The American Lung Association respects Administrator Jackson's commitment to public health and celebrates her accomplishments.


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