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Event Information


CLIMBERS, it’s almost that time…  Two weeks and counting…
We have put together a CLIMB guide where you will find everything you need to know leading up to CLIMB DAY. “Where is the event? When is my wave time? What should I wear?” It’s all here.

Looking for last year's climb race results? 2012 Climb Race Results by: OverallAge GroupTeam Results 


  1. Time savers
    1. Early packet pick-up
    2. Delayed self-pledge
  2.  What you need to know
    1. Parking
    2. How the Climb works
    3. How long is the Climb
    4. Guest Passes
  3. Preparing to Climb
    1. How do I prepare
    2. What should you wear
  4. Day of Event
    1. Check-in
    2. Gear check
    3. Photos
    4. Bibs
    5. Timing chips
  5. Security & safety
    1. Stairwell rules
    2. Security & safety
    3. Medical assistance
    4. Restrooms
  6. Challenges & Awards
    1. Results
    2. Race awards
  7. Fundraising
    1. Fundraising minimum commitment
    2. Fundraising basics
    3. VIP room
    4. Turning in donations
    5. Incentive prizes

 1. Time savers

 a.  Early Packet Pick- up Avoid long lines at the event! Grab your packet on any of the dates/locations listed below. Each individual climber must pick up their own packet. If you want to do a team packet pick-up, please contact Carrie Nash at carrie.nash@lung.org

Wednesday March 20th 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. 
555 California St (on the concourse level by Starbucks)
San Francisco CA 94104

Thursday March 21st 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
424 Pendleton Way (American Lung Association)
Oakland CA 94621

b. Delayed Self-Pledge If you have not yet met your fundraising minimum you can participate in our Delayed Self-Pledge.  This will allow you until April 30th to continue to fundraise.

2. What you need to know

EVENT DAY:                        Saturday, March 23, 2013
CLIMB LOCATION:           555 California Street, San Francisco                                         
                                                                (between Montgomery and Kearny Streets)
CHECK-IN:                           Plaza in front of 555 California St.
EVENT BEGINS:                  Staggered start times begin at 8:45am
FINISH LINE:                       52nd floor of 555 California
QUESTIONS:                        Contact Carrie Nash at carrie.nash@lung.org or (510)982-3149  

a. Where can I park? Parking and other transportation costs are the responsibility of Fight For Air Climb participants. Parking is available at the parking garage of 555 California Street. The entrance is on Pine Street between Montgomery and Kearny Streets. There will be a daily flat rate of $12 for all Fight For Air Climb participants.  As part of security procedures, uniformed security staff will ask to see your driver’s license and may check all vehicles entering the parking garage.

b. How does the Climb work? The event is set up with wave times, set in 15 minute increments. Each climber is assigned a wave time, and there are about 75 participants per wave (all team members will be assigned to the same wave). Climbers should check in on the plaza of 555 California one hour before their assigned wave time to warm up and pick up their event t-shirt, timing chip and bib. The first wave time will occur at 8:45 a.m. and waves will continue until Noon. 

 Once your wave is called, you will be escorted and released into the stairwell. Climbers are released in 8-10 second intervals.  Water stations are provided in the plaza and on seven designated floors throughout the stairwell. Feel free to stop and rest on the landings or any of the water stations if you feel the need to do so. For the safety of all climbers, you are not allowed to bring your own water battle or Camelpack into the stairwells.

Enjoy a Post-Climb party at the top! Once you reach the finish line, you will be treated to beautiful views of San Francisco, light refreshments, massages, and festive music. Climbers who raise $1,000 or more will be escorted to A VIP room with champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Climbers who raise $2,000 may bring a guest to the VIP room.

Firefighter Challenge: Before you begin your climb, make sure to go through gear check and get a qualifying arm band.  Your name will be added to the competition list.  If your name is not on this list, you have not been cleared and will not qualify for the challenge.

Elite Climbers:  If you want to climb in the Elite Climber Wave (one of the 1st waves) you must email your request to Carrie Nash carrie.nash@lung.org no later than March 14th and must have a prior qualifying time of under 9 minutes. 

c. How long is the Climb? Believe it or not, the average climb time is 20-25 minutes. Remember, slower climbers on the right and faster climbers on the left!

d. I want my family and friends to celebrate with me at the top, but they’re not participating in the Climb. What can I do? Your family and friends need to purchase guest passes so they can join you at the top. Guest passes may be purchased for $20 at the SOLUTIONS booth. Children under the age of 5 do not need a guest pass. 

3. Preparing for the Climb

a. How Can I Prepare? Proper preparation can help you avoid injuries. Pacing yourself is key to successful completion—it is recommended that you walk throughout the event at an even pace.

Starting at least two days before the event, drink plenty of water and continue hydrating throughout the climb. Water is provided at water/aid stations within the stairwells. You may also refer to the training tips available on the event website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not unusual for participants in indoor athletic activities such as stair climbs to experience a dry throat during and after the event.  Sucking on a throat lozenge BEFORE – but not during – the climb may alleviate this condition.

b. What Should I Wear?  Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for a cardio workout. Running, walking or cross training shoes are important for a successful climb. You may also wear the event t-shirt, or your personalized team shirt.  If you met your fundraising minimum prior to January 30th you will get the exclusive Driwick shirt.

 4. Day of Event

    1. How do I Check-In?
      1. Once you arrive at the plaza, you may check-in for the event in two ways: Check in at the REGISTRATION booth only if you have money to turn in.
      2. Check in at the EXPRESS CHECK-IN booth to pick up your Climb T-shirt, bib, and timing chip if:
      3. You have completed the delayed self-pledge prior to the event
      4. You have met your fundraising minimum prior to the event
      5. Climbers registering the day of the event should go to the DAY-OF REGISTRATION booth.
    2. Gear check - Leave your personal belongings at the Lung Association GEAR CHECK booth. Note that gear checked items can only hold coats and items that will fit into a 15’ x 15’ bag. Please plan to leave valuables at home or in your car.  The American Lung Association in California and Vornado Realty Trust are not responsible for lost belongings. The GEAR CHECK booth will close at 1 p.m.
    3. Team Photos - Gather your team for a photo on the plaza steps. Photography will be on-site, and professionals will take pictures of each participant on the 26th floor. These photographs can be viewed and purchased after the event at www.FightForAirClimb.org
    4. Bibs -  (not the type you spill on!) It is required that you securely attach your bib number to the front of your shirt with the safety pins provided at the Check-In Table on the Plaza.  Make sure to pin the top and bottom so the photographers can see your number.  Your bib number also serves as your entry pass into Post-Climb party at the 52nd floor banquet room
    5. Timing Chip - Each climber will have a timing chip attached to their bib that will measure his or her climb time. Be sure that your timing chip is securely attached to the back of your bib. Participants who climb without a timing chip properly attached will not register an official time. If you climb twice, make sure to remove your bib the second time around.  If you climb with more than once with the timing chip attached, your time will be erased and will not be calculated again.

 5. Security and safety


Only the following items are allowed in the stairwell:

    • iPod or other MP3 style listening device attached to your body.
    • Cash or credit card for cash bar on the 52nd Floor Banquet Room
    • Car keys

These items are NOT be allowed in the stairwell:

    • Any water carrying container like a bottle or Camelpack. There are plenty of rehydration stations in the stairwells to get adequate water. This rule is for your safety and the safety of other climbers.  We don’t want anyone slipping on a water spill.
    • Cameras. No photography is allowed in the stairwell except by our professional photographers
    • Fanny packs, back packs, purses, etc.

Please plan to leave personal belongings at home, in your car, or at the gear check station on the plaza

You may send a camera, and other personal belongings up to the Post-Climb Party on the 52nd floor with your guest, or after you climb you can come back down by elevator to the plaza to retrieve these items from gear check to have with you at the party.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the safety of the adult and the child, climbers will not be allowed to climb with a child in a backpack. Please make arrangements accordingly – perhaps bring a guest who can watch your child while you climb or if two parents are climbing, request that we split your start times so one parent can be watching your child while the other climbs and then switch. Children under the age of 7 are not allowed to climb.  Children 7-18 must have a signed child climb waiver.

2. Security & safety - Please remember that 555 California is a private business office facility. Please be courteous as we are guests of Vornado Realty Trust, property manager for 555 California building. All security procedures must be followed. To ensure everyone’s safety, climbers are not permitted to leave the stairwell unless escorted by Vornado Realty Trust security. Vornado Realty Trust staff will be stationed approximately every 8 floors to ensure your safety throughout building.

Should a participant who has begun the climb not be able to complete the climb for whatever reason, he or she will be escorted by Vornado Realty Trust security from the stairwell to the nearest elevator and accompanied either up to the top to participate in the celebration or to the ground floor to exit the building.

If you must exit in case of an emergency, or if you are unable to complete the climb, please seek security, volunteer or medical staff for assistance to be properly escorted. In addition, there is an intercom on every stairwell landing for communication with security staff in case of emergency. Security staff throughout the building will have radio communication in case of an emergency.

3. Medical assistance - Medical staff will be on-site for those who may need assistance throughout the event. Medical professionals will be at the finish line and at water stations. An ambulance and Emergency Medical Technician staff will also be on site. Any volunteer can assist you and put you in contact with medical personnel. If you must exit in case of an emergency or if you are unable to complete the climb, please seek security, volunteer or medical staff for assistance. You will be properly escorted to your desired location. You cannot exit on any floor without Vornado Realty Trust security personnel!

4. Restrooms -  Restrooms are located on the Concourse level of 555 California Street and at the 52nd Floor Banquet Room finish line. Bathrooms will also be available at the Bay Club (Fitness Club at the Concourse Level) some restroom facilities are   accessible from the stairwells.   

6. Challenges & Awards

a. Results - Official event times for every participant will be available in the 52nd Floor Banquet Room and will be posted on www.FightForAirClimb.org within 3 business days.

b. Race awards

Just For Fun

    1. Best Team Name
    2. Best T-Shirt (1 team shirt must be dropped off at solutions table)
    3. Best Costume (must be clothing only- hats, scarves accessories are ok, no props are allowed in stairwell)

Most Creative Fundraising (entries must be made in writing with a picture if applicable to Carrie.Nash@lung.org prior to March 23rd

Overall Challenges

    1. Fastest Team 1st, 2nd and 3rd  (total average time of all members)
    2. Top Fundraising Team 1st, 2nd and 3rd
    3. Team with Most Participants
    4. Fastest Overall Female 1st, 2nd and 3rd
    5. Fastest Individual Female Per Group: 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+
    6. Fastest Overall Male 1st, 2nd and 3rd
    7. Fastest Individual Male Per Age Group: 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+
    8. Top 5 Individual Fundraisers
    9. Top Youth Fundraiser (under 18 years)

Firefighter Challenge Click Here to Join

    1. Top Fundraising Department/Team
    2. Fastest Department/Team (average time of top four members)
    3. Top Individual Fundraiser
    4. Fastest Individual Firefighter

CrossFit Challenge Click Here to Join

    1. Affiliate with the Fastest Time (total of all team members)
    2. Affiliate with the Top Fundraising
    3. Top Individual Fundraiser
    4. Fastest Individual Time
    5. Top Fundraising Affiliate Statewide
    6. Top Individual Fundraiser Statewide



7. Fundraising

a. Fundraising minimum commitment - The Fight for Air Climb is a fundraising event to support the mission of the American Lung Association.  As a condition of registering as a participant, you agreed to pay a $25 registration fee as well as meet the $100 fundraising minimum. Climbers on average raise over $300 each for healthy lungs and clean air! So don’t worry, fundraising is easier than you think. Click here to check out a few tips to help get you started.  If you fail to meet the $100 fundraising minimum by March 23, 2013 (event day), you may sign up for the Delayed Self-Pledge so that the remaining balance of the $100 minimum will be charged to your credit card on April 30th. Climbers who have not met their goal, or signed up for Delayed Self-Pledge will not be able to climb.

b. Fundraising basics - Every event participant is encouraged to use the online fundraising tools available on www.FightForAirClimb.org.  During the online registration process you chose a username and password to access these tools. Your username and password are included in your e-mail confirmation of your registration. The website offers user-friendly tools to gain support from your friends, family and co-workers.  Pledge forms can also be printed off the website for offline fundraising.

Through your efforts, the American Lung Association in California is able to pursue our mission of preventing lung disease and promoting lung health through research, advocacy and education.

All donations are tax deductible, and all donors will receive a thank you acknowledgement to be used for tax purposes. Additional donor receipts are available by request by contacting our office 510-510-982-3149.  Please make checks payable to the American Lung Association in California and mark Fight For Air Climb on the memo.

c. V.I.P. room celebration - To inspire your fundraising efforts even more, all Climbers who have fundraised $1,000 or more by the date of the event will be invited to the VIP Room in a special section of The 52nd Floor Banquet Room when you arrive at the 52nd floor.  You will receive a VIP pass when you check in.  Champagne, mimosas, beer, and special hors d’ oeuvres will be served in the VIP room for this very select group of Climbers.  But wait, there’s more!  If you fundraise $2,000 or more, you will be invited to join the VIP Room celebration, and you will get a free guest pass to bring a friend to join you at this sky high party!

d. Turning in donations - Most donations will be paid by credit card on-line through your webpage on www.FightForAirClimb.org.  You may, however, collect cash or check donations directly from your supporters. You are encouraged to turn in these “offline pledges” as soon as you receive them by downloading the printable pledge sheet and following the printed instructions.

You may turn-in collected donations on event day when you check-in.You may continue to collect donations even after event day. In fact, we encourage you to let everyone know what a great time you had at Fight for Air Climb and continue your fundraising in the weeks after the event. 

By Mail or in person: Donations can be mailed or delivered to:
American Lung Association in California
Attn: Fight for Air Climb
424 Pendleton Way
Oakland, CA 94621

e. Incentive prizes - The Top Fundraising Team Trophy, a perennial trophy, will be awarded to the top fundraising team, as measured by the total funds raised from all team members.


Congratulations to CrossFit Palo Alto, the #1 Fight For Air Climb 2012 Team in the nation! They raised $31,041 and had 83 team members!

Crossfit Palo Alto

All climbers are eligible to earn incentive prizes based on the amount of funds collected. The $100 fundraising minimum committed to at the time of registration will be included in fundraising total. Please note that the $25 registration fee does not count toward incentive prizes.

The incentive prize level will be determined by your fundraising total as of midnight on April 30, 2013. Starting in May, participants will receive a redemption certificate with which to order the desired earned prize.  See www.FightForAirClimb.org for a complete list of prizes.





San Francisco, CA 2013 Fight for Air Climb