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Eva-Marie gets screened every year

Eva-Marie smoked for over 15 years. Seeing lung cancer take both her mother and uncle motivated her to quit and get the low-dose CT scan every year. “It’s like getting a mammogram. It’s that important to me. The more you know, the easier it is to take care of it.”

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Together, we can help current and former smokers take action and start screening. We need your story about low-dose CT scanning and how early detection has saved your life.

Tell us about your experience with low-dose CT scanning and lung cancer. Your story will be published on our website and will help build a community, spread awareness, and provide hope to others.

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Screening success stories

  • Photo of Frank F.

    Frank F.

    I made a promise with my daughter that if I quit smoking she would stop biting her nails. A few years later, I quit. I...

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  • Photo of Eva Marie F.

    Eva Marie F.

    I smoked for over 15 years. I started when I was around 8 years old, but didn’t seriously start smoking until I...

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  • Photo of Dorothy H.

    Dorothy H.

    I am writing about my husband, Gary Head. He smoked for over 50 years then I heard about the low-dose CT scan as a...

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  • Photo of Candi T.

    Candi T.

    I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I was diagnosed eight years ago with stage four lung cancer and given one year...

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  • Photo of Deanna K.

    Deanna K.

    My primary physician urged me to have the lung screening, so I had it done. I was sent to a lung doctor to speak with him...

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  • Photo of Donna C.

    Donna C.

    Beginning of August 2017, I was having trouble catching my breath. It was a Friday night at work. After work I went to...

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  • Photo of Carla G.

    Carla G.

    In January, 2014, I decided to have a scan, as my children's father was dying of lung cancer and I was an ex-smoker, for...

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  • Photo of Doug F.

    Doug F.

    It all began in 2012 when my brother went into the Texas Heart Institute in Houston for the repair of a mitral valve...

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